3 Mistakes that Can Undermine a Property Inspector’s Business

bigstock-Home-Inspection-1638520A property inspector needs to stay on top of his or her game, especially now that there are very many property inspectors to go round. If you take New York as an example, there are over 5000 unique property inspectors. There is no space for mistakes in this field if you want to rise to the crème and have an enviable client portfolio. What most inspectors might not realize is that almost 80% of all top property inspection work is done by the top 20% inspectors. These top inspectors charge exorbitant fees, but clients are readily pay up. Below we look at some of the mistakes that keep a property inspector from breaking into the top 20%.

Lack Of or Poor Internet Presence

If you want to be a top property inspector, the Internet is your friend. The Internet gives you access that inspectors in the pre-Internet era could only dream about. There are two ways through which an inspector can make his or her presence felt online; social media and a static website.

A static website is just that; a website. This is the main ‘shop’ for the inspector. Having a website not only allows an inspector to have a ‘home’ online but also sets the foundation for the other Internet activities.

Social media is perhaps the most powerful Internet marketing tool at the disposal of a property inspector. While it is almost impossible to keep up with all the social media platforms, there are the big platforms that should never be ignored: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pintrest. Fortunately, an inspector does not need to know squid about any of these platforms. There are thousand s of social media managing organizations that will gladly take on all your social media platforms and keep you relevant for less than $300 a month.

Having No Insurance

Any serious property inspector should at least have General Liability insurance. Without insurance, an inspector is setting himself or herself up for failure. This is because inspectors get sued left, right and center over all sorts or seeming ridiculous issues. To understand insurance for property inspectors, we recommend that you read through this post.

Ignoring Property Inspection Software and Apps

We know that you are absolutely disgusted that young boys and girls with fancy gadgetry have invaded your industry and are now taking jobs from under your feet. News flash: unless you are willing to learn how to use modern technology like those young boys and girls that you dislike so much, you will soon have no property inspection business to talk about. Property inspection apps and software not only allow you to make your inspections fast but also enable you to make detailed reports which include pictures in far less time than you previously could.

These are but some of the things that are keeping otherwise good inspectors from reaching the very top of their industry. When you have these covered, you are well on your way to success.

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