3 Tips On How to Do a Property Inspection by Yourself

shutterstock_121748410Experts recommend that you let professional inspectors do home and property inspections for you. The logic is that they will do a better job since they understand what to look out for and how to make proper reports. That said, there are instances where you might prefer to do the inspection and write the report by yourself. If you, for example, needed to make a comprehensive report that you can send to the repair company with the aim of having all repairs carried out on one occasion, you might prefer to go over your property and write the report. Fortunately, there are tools available to everyone that make property inspection and writing of the subsequent report easy and generally doable by anyone who can use a computer, tablet or smart phone. Below we look at a few tips that can help you carry out a property inspection by yourself.

Use Free Software and Apps

Unless you plan on going professional as a property inspector, we don’t see any reason as to why you would want to purchase property inspection software or apps. To make this easier, free apps are the way to go. This is because it is way easier to get a free inspection app than it is to get free software. If you want to do something that is close to what a professional inspector, you can get software with a free trial. You use the trial version to do your inspection and report then cancel since you don’t need to make the full purchase.

Use Apps or Software with Pre-Installed Templates

Writing inspection reports for a lay inspector can be quite a handful unless you have some sort of guide to follow. Luckily, property inspection software and apps developers are now including pre-installed report templates. When you have taken your notes and have the supporting photos and videos, you can go ahead and fill in the template to complete the fairly professional report. Good software should however leave space for you to include items that are not in the template since no two properties are exactly the same.

Be Sure To Include Items Specific to Your Property

All properties have their defining features specific to them. As a result, there should be deliberate emphasis on the items that give your property character. These features should be inspected with care and a keen eye because they are likely to be overlooked-even by professional inspectors. If you have a art studio on your property, for example, you need to highlight what exactly needs to be repaired and outline how you think the repairs should be done to ensure that it’s not damaged. Don’t shy away from being firm about these characteristic areas of your property.

It is, however, important to exercise restraint when doing these inspections and reports because there are instances when it’s best you engage professional inspectors. Consider a scenario where you need to take out insurance for a home; unless you are a professional inspector, the insurance company will not accept your report. Inspection of commercial properties should also be left to the professionals.

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