4 Marketing Tips For Property Inspectors

shutterstock_142936138The sheer numbers of property inspectors in the country today makes standing out to be noticed one of the hardest things to achieve. Still there are inspectors who are the go-to people when it comes to large and lucrative projects. How is it that some people are able to dominate a field where choices are in plenty?

The Yellow Pages

It’s easy to get carried away with modern technology and forget the time-tested methods that endure. The yellow pages are an example of one of the most ignored but highly effective marketing tools. What a yellow page listing does is give an inspector authority. It is assumed that companies and service providers listed in the yellow pages have been in operation for a long time. Consumer surveys by various firms also show that companies listed in the yellow pages are more trusted.

A Brick And Mortar Location

Again, it is possible for a property inspector today to run his or her business from the garage. As an inspector, you only need a phone, a computer and your professional tools and you are good to go. However, if an inspector does that, he or she will be missing out on opportunity to build a professional aura around him or herself. Nothing quite says ‘business’ like an office with proper furniture and trappings of a serious enterprise like pictures of family framed on the desk. A physical location also provides a central area from where an inspector’s business is ran, making it easy for the inspector to separate his or her personal life from professional life. Another benefit of having a physical office is that it allows others to easily refer clients by giving them an address. There is one caution with offices though: If an inspector cannot afford to find a place in a relatively respectable part of town, it’s better to stay without a physical location. An office located in a low-end area will only bring an inspector low-end clientele.

The Internet Game

The internet is the biggest market place available to any professional today. It gives you access and reach that was unimaginable before. But how many inspectors really understand the internet game? My guess is not that many. It’s then pretty straight forward that if an inspector can have his or her online strategy executed well, there is a big chance that he or she will be in high demand. There are many ways and methods to gain advantage online. Our recommendation is that a property inspector hires an internet marketing company since the amount of work involved can easily distract him or her from the core responsibility; inspection.

Interactive Software and Apps

Property inspection apps and software have become a necessity in property inspection and management. However, not all apps and software are equal. The best software and apps should allow an inspector to easily share his or her portfolio in the social platforms. This allows his or her potential clientele to slowly become part of his or her daily activities. This involvement means that if any of them ever needed a property inspector, he or she will contact the inspector whom he or she ‘meets’ online regularly.

When executed well, these tips can catapult an inspector’s career.

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