4 Things That You Should Expect From a Top Property Inspector

shutterstock_118821052When you have hired a top professional inspector, there is a general consensus that he or she should do a job well beyond what a regular inspector does. After all, this kind of inspector charges significantly more than his or her colleagues. A top inspector is someone who has hundreds of successful inspections under his or her belt and a good reputation among colleagues and clients. If you have a top inspector working for you, here are a few things expected of him or her.

Video and Pictures

A top inspector’s report should include video and pictures to show exactly what needs to be repaired, replaced or modified. In the past, inspectors would provide a word document that was more often than not highly generic. A top inspector does not do that; he or she actually goes to the client’s property and takes pictures and short videos as he or she goes about the inspection since he or she knows that this type of content will make the report easy to understand for the client.

Taking photographs and short videos should not be a problem for the inspector since we have property inspection software and apps that are optimized for inspection multimedia content. That means that the features of an inspection app for example allow the inspector to take a panorama photograph, allowing him or her to capture more area in one frame than is regular. Optimization of an app for multimedia property inspection can also include a feature like HD video recording and compression to allow easy sharing.

Caution When Handling Items at the Inspection Site

A top inspector knows that the items at an inspection site should not be handled carelessly. This means that a top inspector will exercise caution not to for example break china items in the kitchen while trying to look for leaks under the sink or cause damage like that.

In the event that dam age occurs, top inspectors take responsibility and pay up for the repair or replacement. This they do without even being asked to because they understand that the client’s property has to be left in the same condition that it was found in. That said, when you schedule a property inspection for your property, it is always recommended that you put away anything that you feel might get broken or damaged.


Top property inspectors don’t just outline what’s right or wrong with the property in their report; they take it a step further and recommend repairs, replacements or modifications. But that’s not all; a top inspector will go ahead and offer contacts of firms and technicians whom he or she feels can carry out the recommended actions well. While you are not bound by an inspector’s recommendations, they are useful because at times you for, example, simply have no idea as to which company does roof repairs best in your area.

When an inspector does the above and more, you can rest easy knowing that your money was well spent.

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