4 Tips in Looking for a Reliable Property Inspection App

bigstock-Inspecting-houses-7515839The reason why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon in terms of using reliable property inspection software is a no-brainer. Digitizing the process of property inspection does not only make things easier, it also makes you less prone to commit errors. What was once a paper-and-pen ordeal can now be done with the use of accessible technology. Digital reports may in fact contain videos that make homeowners see the actual condition of their property before it can be leased by a tenant.

For this reason, here are four important tips to remember in looking for a reliable property inspection app.

Acquaint yourself with the market

You actually have many options when it comes to apps available in leading mobile markets like the App Store and Google Play. Knowing which ones to trust necessitates a certain amount of research as some products may be all fluff with little to zero value. It is therefore recommendable that you read blog posts, articles, and software review sites that can pinpoint you to the right direction and purchase. Your main purpose should be to find a solution that not only makes your job more efficient but also gives honest feedback to the property owner.

Set your requirements

Aside from knowing the industry’s best apps, you should also set your own requirements since you need to satisfy your own needs first before anything else. Ask yourself some questions in order to come up with a list that contains what you truly require from a reliable property inspection app. For example, you must look for an app that allows you to include your own branding, sign a report digitally, and send evaluations in a timely manner to the homeowner.

Directly contact customer support

If you’re still not satisfied after conducting your own research, you may formulate your own questions and try to contact a potential company’s customer service department in order for them to clarify some things. You may do this through email or you can ask them over the phone. The way they handle your queries and concerns should measure their integrity as an organization. Therefore, be critical with your questions and look for warning signs that you may be dealing with a bogus company.

Evaluate free trials and software demonstrations

For paid apps, some providers may give you the opportunity to try their products for free. If you are still in the process of determining which app to choose, this can be a good opportunity for you to finally make up your mind. Try to explore all features of the app and take note of loopholes and defects that you may see. If you wish, you can try different trials at the same time in order for you to have good firsthand experience on how it is like to digitize the process of property inspection using different apps. You won’t need the full trial period in order to come up with a sound assessment of the reliability of an app.

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