5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Property Inspector

Builder Or Roofer Climbing A LadderHiring a property inspector can be a challenging experience. If done correctly, you’ll reap the benefits from exercising good judgment and receive invaluable feedback that could help you determine your next move. The first step to getting in touch with the ideal professional in this field is to understand what you’re looking for. The questions don’t ask themselves, so it’s your responsibility to research the interviewing process that’ll land you the right person for the job. Your real estate agent may be able to give you some guidance, but it’s mostly up to you to follow through and know the appropriate way to inquire about property inspection services.

Can You Provide a Breakdown of the Property Inspection Process?

One of the most important things to know is how a prospect inspector plans on going about the inspection. You need to understand which components will or won’t be checked, as well as how long the process will take and if you’ll be given details on what needs repair. Keep in mind that you can never ask too many questions, especially when the outcome of the event dictates a huge chunk of your future.

Is it Okay if I Accompany You?

Some individuals like to be present during the inspection while others don’t care to stick around. In most cases, it’s a good idea to tag along so you can understand more about the condition of the house and what possible fixes need to be made. Always get in the habit of asking if the inspector will care to have you around. Chances are they won’t have a problem with it and if they do, it might be grounds to raise a red flag.

Do You Have a Specific Area of Expertise?

It’s common for inspectors to have extensive knowledge in a special area within their trade. They may have a special interest in evaluating certain types of homes, like historic properties or townhomes. Others only survey newly built residences. In any case, it’s a good idea to know their primary areas of expertise and make it work to your advantage.

Do You Have References?

When it comes to grade A property inspections, getting the opinions of others is always a plus. Don’t be afraid to ask prospect inspectors for references of clients they’ve served in the past. If it’s an inspector that’s relatively new to the profession, it may be more difficult to use others’ word as a determining factor. If you’re going for someone who’s more experienced, you should try getting feedback from several of their customers.

 What is Your Rate?

Finding out the costs for property inspections should be the last question on your list. Don’t you’re your decision strictly off the charges in question. Remember cheaper isn’t necessarily better, so try to keep an open mind if you learn that an inspector’s rates are a little higher than you anticipated.Adding the price into the equation, along with other leading factors in your interview, will help you make a sound choice.

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