Analog vs. Digital: The Perks of Property Inspection Management Software

shutterstock_118821052The digital age has entirely changed how everything is done, including property inspecting. Back then, homeowners and landlords would be calling property inspectors carrying a bulky load of tools just to perform an efficient inspection. Tools such as a camera and a laptop can be helpful in putting together reports while on the job, however, bringing them on site is certainly not convenient. With the many things an inspector needs to focus on, they are more likely to miss out on something while carrying a big bag of equipment.

But the arrival of smartphones and tablets has brought about a more convenient option for the modern-day property inspector. Now, with the use of apps such as SnapInspect, an efficient worker can just download a property inspection software where they can take videos and pictures while furnishing their inspection report at the same time. However, some people are still skeptical as to how these property inspection tools can help them. Let’s take a look at how an old-fashioned property inspector fares with the digital one and see who’s being more efficient at work:

The Traditional Property Inspector

Outdated but still passionately persistent, the old-fashioned property inspector steps out of his car with his knapsack of tools. He’s carrying a bag of equipment and safety gear which is required for him to work securely around the home while inspecting every corner. The archaic inspector flings his digital camera around his neck, takes his flashlight on his left and starts putting out tools with his right. He discovers a mold problem in one of the rest rooms and puts down the flashlight and tool as he jots it down. Then, he takes a few shots of it to show to the interested buyer. He could have done a detailed glance at that one corner, but he’s carrying a lot—it’s probably okay. And so, this man decides to leave the room and head on to the attic, with much of his energy wasted on trudging with a lot of tools than to take a better look.

The Digital Property Inspector

Armed with a property management inspection app, the modern property inspector leaves his camera and laptop in his office and carries his tablet or smartphone. He still carries a bag of equipment, but at least he’s not lugging around with a heavy DSLR or having to take notes with his notepad. Instead, he opens his property management inspection software in his smartphone. It has a built-in video and camera feature, allowing him to capture shots of the good and bad corners and easily furnish it into a professional report. He can put his inputs during the inspection without having to scribble his notes and run back and forth to compile everything in his laptop. He saves his time from downloading photos and designing a presentation to impress his client. Instead, he uses his time to make sure that everything is just as how he checked it, giving out a more detailed and confident examination of the home.


We’ve tackled on the benefits of having a property inspection app in our blog, where portability becomes an advantage, especially with the use of many programs cutting your reporting time in half. The modern property inspector definitely wins in this comparison, with the digital tools available for him to make his life easier. There’s no need to carry different data capturing utilities such as a camera or a computer; all you need is your phone and a keen eye to spot the flaws. Your expertise combined with digital efficiencies, you are sure make your property inspection impressively detailed and confidently accurate.

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