How to Choose The Best Property Inspection Software in 2018

property inspection software

What did you have for lunch on Friday the 25th of May 2017? Memory isn’t reliable. What was in the backyard of that yellow house in 2009? Not sure? Well, you could look It up with a property inspection software system such as Snap Inspect in seconds, or you could spend the rest of the working week slugging through data and loose bits of paper in an attempt to find it.

Retaining a magnitude of tenants and property owners opens the door for building a strong property inspection business, but Property inspection software allows you to place a wooden block on the ground to prevent it from closing.

In recent years, Property inspection software has become the most known way to take your business from robust to everlasting. To become a great property manager, one that consistently outshines the competition- you must become a trusted resource for your tenants and property owners.

What does this mean for me?

Property owners are looking for a property manager that not only understands the local market, tenant issues, trends, policies, and practices but also is adaptable and changes their process to suit their tenant’s needs. In the past, property managers have adopted the “my way or the high way” mindset. It’s now becoming clear that those that who have abandoned that age-old mentality and become agile and adaptable are experiencing new success.

Changing from paper processes to property inspection software boosts your portfolios operational excellence, efficiency and resident relationships. But what exactly makes property inspection so unique? And how do you find what suits your business best?

Do your Research.

Depending on your company size and goals and needs, research could be as simple as googling a tech review. The whole aim of researching software is to find out what your company needs, doesn’t need, and which software company is offering the best bang for your buck. Read blog posts, articles, reviews, and anything else that will help you decide which property inspection software is right for you.

Ask yourself the important questions. (in your own words)

Property inspection software may be new to the marketplace, but that has not stopped a wide range of companies from coming out with innovative and completely different versions of the software. Below are a few common questions asked when talking about feature requirements and needs.
What challenges do you need to solve to justify paying for and implementing this software into your property management business?
Do you work in a multifamily setting?
Do you require the software to carry out due diligence checks?
Does the software allow you to view inspection reports in real time via a desktop and mobile application?
Does the solution allow you to customize templates for residential, commercial and maintenance inspections easily? Or does the software only allow for one option?
Can you or the inspector easily add photos, comments, and videos to each room or area inspected?
Does the property inspection software allow you to customize reports with logos, company, and font?
Is there a feature that lets inspectors and tenants digitally sign and date the report?
Can you easily send, download, convert and edit the report once it’s finished?

Make lists of each option’s benefits.

Regardless if you’re the decision maker for your company or just carrying out the research, it is important to list down quickly the benefits of the property inspection software you are planning on purchasing. The simplest way to do this is through a list. For example, if we were to make a list for Snap inspects Benefits it would look like this:
1. Fully customizable Property inspection reports to suit your company
2. Bulk asset upload
3. Web and mobile app
4. Checklist editor
5. PDF & word report
6. Task manager
7. Video inspection
8. Custom email templates
9. Workflow management
10. Multi-user inspection
11. Request inspection
12. Excel reports
13. Business Intelligence
14. API integration
15. Auto text
16. Smart comments
17. Real-time Human support

Request a Free trial

Once you have narrowed down your list of requirements and benefits, Ask for a free trial from any serious contenders. The “don’t take our word for it, try it!” mentality is typical in the software as a service industry with most companies offering some form of a free trial. This gives you a piece of mind when investing money in new software.

Put your free trial to the test!

Once you have got your free trial underway use the software as if you had already purchased it. Putting it to the test during the free trial period is one of if not the most effective way to see if it will meet your requirements. For example, if you plan to have multiple agents carrying out the same inspection, set that up and run through it to ensure the software runs as advertised.

Remember, there’s always plenty more fish in the sea! Just because one software trial you used let you down doesn’t mean the next won’t. Shop around until you find the perfect match.

What now?

Being a property manager in 2018 means, you wear a magnitude of different hats. SnapInspect aims to take the pain out of traditional pen and paper inspections and empower our users by enabling them to complete inspections in real time, at the time they inspect the asset. SnapInspect means no tedious back end admin tasks, and no time lost trawling through loose bits of paper for information and ultimately means everything is stored and taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Just like we mention in this guide, we encourage you to check out the competition. We genuinely offer one of the most unique and customizable experiences for our users, all at a very affordable price range. Click here to start a free trial with snapInspect today

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