How A Property Inspection Program Can Help You Get Tenants

bigstock-Property-developer-inspecting--38696887If you are a landlord relying on your commercial or residential property for income, you know that the all-important issue for your business is how you keep your property rented. An empty property hampers the money stream and may become more of a liability than an asset. As an investor and an owner, it is always crucial to have a good source of tenants that you can call on whenever your property gets vacated. Whether you’re a first time landlord who’s looking for your first tenant, or an owner who is experiencing a dry spell with your property, take a look at the tips below and find a new tenant for your site.

The First Step: Advertise It

The first step to finding a tenant is to advertise your property. That’s the only way the people know that your lot is open for lease. But hold on; just put on a sign out in the yard is not advertising; the only people who would know about your lot is if they live on that street. Advertising means boosting up your marketing skills and using offline and online devices to let every potential renter know about your property. While traditional classified ads are still a great place to find a rental, online venues are much more advantageous when it comes to networking. If you’re using a property management inspection program, you can easily upload your advertisement in popular social media sites and connect with various users who can be your possible tenants.

Choosing the Best Online Space

There are free and paid sources for online advertising you can use. Among the most effective online database is Craigslist; since this advertising venue is free, you can post your ad as soon as your property becomes available to rent. Alongside this, there are many online sites which are related to property rentals.

You may also choose to have a website. One option you can do is use companies to allow you to market your property on their websites, or you can create a simple webpage of your own. If you are an owner of several properties, a website can easily become a one-stop shop in which features your portfolio and allows users to see the available properties you have. This can be easily managed with a digital property inspection which you can link with your account. Have your online ads feature a URL which directs to your website. You can also use this link in your Facebook and Twitter posts. Alongside this, all of your offline marketing materials will mention your website wherein additional information can be posted. It’s like a digital brochure anyone can access from anywhere in the state.

Pictures are Important

In order for your property to impress a potential tenant, posting pictures of it online is a must. A good, clear picture of your property’s structure and aesthetics is a must. While DSLR quality is best, there are smaller gadgets which produces almost similar traits which are acceptable for business standards. If you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone with a good camera, using a property inspection software makes the work easier. You don’t need to snap pictures with a bulky camera, connect it to your computer, and upload it on your website. With a property inspection app, you can easily use your smartphone and upload your files with a breeze.

Final Notes

However, it’s not all about your property getting leased. One fault about landlords is that they are quick to say that they have reliable tenants, or just take the renters in for the sake of their livelihood. You don’t want to hear your tenants making excuses about paying on the right time or not managing your property appropriately.  At the end, you’d want to have someone whom you can trust, someone who can take care of your property for you, someone who will make it their home and look after it as if it were their hard-earned, bought investment. This means that you’re not just taking the first person who responds you your ads. Assess them, talk to them, and let them know that you are serious in doing business.

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