How to Set Up for Your Property Inspection App

Business Hand select New Real Estate from Sale Representative usSwitching over to new technology for your property management company can be stressful, especially if you have to be responsible for the set up process. You may be wanting something that will help you save time in your property management business, but be concerned about a tough set up process. If this is a hassle that intimidates you, then try looking for a property inspection app provider who will take care of the set up process for you. It’s even better if they don’t charge an extra fee. Here are some of the things that can be taken care of for you, if you get a provider who will set up your new software.

Importing Your Properties

If you have a small number of properties, it may not be difficult for you to enter all of the information yourself, but the bigger your company, the more properties you will need to add. This can be a lengthy process, especially if you have to do it yourself, and don’t have an import option. If you find the right company, they can not only give you a simple importing process, they will do it for you as well. No need to worry about entering your company information, or delaying your business to get everything started. Let your provider do their job, so you can do yours even better.

Choosing Your Settings

You may know just the settings that you are looking for, but most likely you haven’t seen all of the options available. With most property inspection apps, you have a variety of choices for inspection checklists and report formats. One of the best ways to navigate all of the options and find what will work best for you is to consult with your app provider. They can ask you about the different requirements you have for checklists and reports, and then select the best options they have for you.

Adding Your Users

If your company will have multiple people using your new app and software, then you will need individual user profiles. This can be difficult to set up if you aren’t comfortable navigating the new system yet, but you probably don’t want to wait until you have fully learned your way around the program before you can make it available to your team. Let your provider set up all the profiles you need, so you can get your staff started right away. After the profiles are set up, your provider can help you train to use everything too.

Training Users

Yes, training your team to use the new program can be tough, especially if you aren’t fully comfortable with it yet. With the right provider, training can be included in the set up process, so that you don’t have any difficulty learning the ins and outs of your new technology. You and your team can ask questions and learn where everything is, so that you will be ready to use your program as soon as the set up process is finished.

If you find a provider who also offers great customer support, then you have a well-rounded service that will boost your property management processes and allow you to produce excellent reports for your clients.

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