Important Items to Look for In Property Management Software

Taking Pictures by CellphoneSwitching to property management software is a monumental decision. It can be an overwhelming thought. It’s hard to take an entire company through the realm of change. If you have employees of your property management company that struggle with technology or learning new software, it can present additional challenges. Today we’d like to present some important items to look for when you are choosing the right property management software to meet your needs.


Nothing is more frustrating for you and your employees than to find out that the property management software can’t be of use by anyone who needs to use it. Choose one that offers a variety of supporting platforms. Not everyone owns or uses an iPhone. Not everyone owns or uses an Android powered device. Not everyone is adept at learning how to use apps on their phone. Great property management software is adaptable to your property management company. Look for one that has an app for both Apple and Android devices and is available for use on the web.

Custom Functions

Not every property management business is the same in the way they conduct property inspection. Look for property management software that can be customized. Important things to look for include the flexibility to create your own inspection checklists and reports.

Data Storage

Look for property management software that offers cloud technology even for web users. One of the worst things that can happen to a business is a hard drive failure. If your client reports, pictures, videos, and proprietary information is lost because of a hard drive crash it can quickly become a total disaster. Property management software that saves your data using cloud technology means that your property information and client reports are safe and secure.

Save Money

Property management software should save you money in the long run. You can perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine just how much your investment will save for your business. Using software can cut spending in several categories such as paper, ink, and toner. Since property management software is often used on smart phones you won’t have to spend money printing checklists or reports. Checklists are stored digitally within the app. Great property management software can email reports directly to your clients.

Time Efficiency

Software, when used properly, should be an asset and not a hindrance to your time. Statistics show that those who use property management software complete inspections 75% faster than those who conduct manual inspections. There’s less time spent at the office, too. Since a lot of programs have an app, there’s no need to stay in the office to enter information from paper. It is saved for you on the app and stored on the secure cloud. From the office you can just format your reports and distribute them to your clients.

Easy to Use

Property management software should be easy to set up and easy to use. In addition to ease of use, it should come with a free trial. A free trial is important because it can give you and your employees time to learn the software.

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