Organise your portfolio and conduct mass inspections using Projects.

From multifamily due diligence to student housing turn it is essential that teams are on the same page when it comes to conducting group inspections. With the projects and asset folder solution by SnapInspect you can now unify your inspections and get a data export of the inspection information. To ensure full inspection visibility the project function allows for managers to prepare beforehand the inspections that need to take place. Whether it’s for a due diligence walk, student housing turn or lease file audit you can use the project tool to effectively group and organize your inspections.

Instant Syncing & Organization

Good bye data loss and mis-inspected properties! With asset folders and projects you can group your properties into a folder for easy access and simplified view. Add your properties from the folder into a project and you have a live update of how many inspections are pending and get progress on completion. Added access functions are built into projects to allow specific access to specific personnel in your organisation. The added ability to complete inspections offline makes sure that your managers and techs don’t have to inspect the same property twice due to data loss or connectivity issues. That’s right, you can boost your inspection productivity and overall user experience without having to worry about lost information.  If for whatever reason inspections were completed outside of your project you can add them into your project folder after they have been uploaded to ensure consistency and data integrity.

Exporting your Data

Once you have your data uploaded there is a default excel export your managers can run to bring out all of your inspection information into a table format in excel. From here your data can be then used to filter, formulate and manipulate in whatever way you need.  Furthermore, use SnapInspect Business Intelligence dashboards to do the analysis for you. Gone are the days of crunching numbers and formulas in excel! Use our dashboards to create a custom table, graph or chart to pull specific inspection information to deliver valuable insights. Understand and identify where maintenance issues lie, spot trends, analyse cost and even staff performance.
Take away the uncertainty out of your inspections! SnapInspect project and asset folder functions are here to help with your biggest inspection concerns whether for multifamily, maintenance or turn inspections. Conduct blazingly fast inspections, capture quality data and gain an overall advantage in your operations. 
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