Property Management: 4 Things You Could Do With an Extra Day

Builder Or Roofer Climbing A LadderHow long do you spend typing up reports? If you’re like many property managers, you could probably fill up a whole working day with nothing but typing out your reports. Here’s a question for you: what if you could save that day? What would you do if you had an extra day at your disposal?

The good news is that you can have an extra day to call your own. With digital property management, you’ll find yourself saving time and accomplishing more. Here are 4 suggestions you might find helpful for deciding how to spend that extra day.

Perform More Inspections

This one’s a no-brainer. If you have an extra day, why not spend it doing inspections, so that you can get through the busy season faster? Given a certain number of inspections that you have to carry out in a set amount of time, it only makes sense to use that extra day for inspections.

The great thing about digital property management is precisely that it saves you more time. If you’re like most property managers, you don’t exactly enjoy having to sit down and type up a whole report to your client after you’ve already spent the day (or at least much of the day) going over the property. But thanks to property inspection apps, all you need to do is hit send, and your client will receive an attractive auto-formatted report.

Perform Better Inspections

This is the other obvious thing you could do with an extra day. There’s a saying that haste makes waste, and you probably relate to that many times over. Many aspects of inspections simply can’t be rushed without running potentially huge risks.

What if you overlook signs of rats or mice in the pantry? Or how easy would it be to overlook those slightly sagging gutters, only to have them break and fall off come the autumn rains?

You know that your clients are counting on you to be thorough, as are tenants, so taking the time to do the job right is a must. In addition to saving you time typing up reports, property inspection software can help you to keep track of everything with industry-standard checklists. Alternatively, you can use your own. If you see something that looks like it might need more attention, dictate a note, and the app will convert your voice to text.

Solve Problems

Faster communication means problems are solved more quickly. Less time on typing up reports means more time addressing the problems that you’ve found. Particularly at busy times of the property manager’s year, it’s important to expedite things as much as possible. Like all people, clients and tenants alike appreciate it when problems are solved quickly, so you’re likely to find that they’re more likely to be happy with you.

Take a Personal Day

No matter how dedicated you are to the craft of property management, you want to enjoy your life at the end of the day and on your days off (as applicable). Given the time and worry you’re likely to save with digital property management, why not reinvest some of it in yourself? Take a personal day to spend time with family and friends. Thanks to your increased productivity, you won’t have to feel guilty about taking a little well-deserved time off.

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