Property Managers Clean Up the Mess!

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At SnapInspect, we’ve been covering nightmares property managers deal with on a daily basis and how SnapInspect property management app can make their lives easier!

Today, we are going to cover another pain point, perhaps one of the most common that resonates with property managers – dealing with the messy tenants.

Whether you are handling a case where a tenant left writing on the walls or an ongoing ordeal where tenants are throwing trash where they please (all over the property grounds) – keeping real estate clean is an ongoing challenge for property managers. We are going to review some common messes caused by tenants, and give advice on how property managers can take out the trash and cover their bases!


An age-old problem, writing and drawing on real-estate, has always been a thorn in the side of property managers, Graffiti takes on many different forms. Thinking of the word graffiti brings to mind spray painted words on the side of a building or a train, but it really encompasses much more than the obvious.

Property managers deal with graffiti, including:

  • drawings in the elevator
  • writing on the hallway wallpaper
  • carving initials into the woodwork of the building

Not to mention, the chance of neighborhood graffiti on the side of property, which happens, however, a lot less often than internal “artwork” created by actual tenants of a building.

You need to protect yourself! It’s critical that you, as the property manager, take the necessary precautions to thoroughly document the condition of property inside and out, before and after a tenant moves in so that all damage can be accounted for.

When you use the SnapInspect property inspection application, you can conduct a complete property inspection that records the precise condition of a rental before the tenant moves in. Capture the property on video with your mobile device and easily attach the video inspection walk-thru to the final inspection report. Now, you have a baseline for reference.


Ugh… Trash. Property managers are given the huge responsibility to ensure proper waste management is taking place at the residence. But what about those tenants, that mishandle trash? Nightmarish scenarios that get under the skin of property managers include:

  • New parents that aren’t disposing of diapers properly.
  • Residents who discard trash on the floor instead of separating or placing trash into the hopper.
  • Tenants that are not picking garbage when they drop it.
  • Residents that leave litter all over the grounds!
  • Pest control issues that occur when a tenant leaves trash out.

As the property manager, it is your responsibility to ensure you have contracted reliable waste management services. Depending on the setup and layout of the property, this might involve general bins for trash and recyclables, or tenants must set out their trash on particular days for trash pickup.

Regardless what the system in place is, it’s important that the waste management procedures are clearly outlined in the lease. When and where tenants are to place trash needs to be thoroughly explained and reasonable.

What is a property manager supposed to do when tenants continuously disregard proper waste management? Handle the situation as you would any other tenant violation.

Always… always… calmly speak to the tenant first and point out the violation and kindly ask them to correct this. Never jump the gun and issue a written violation before speaking with the tenant. Good communication is a property manager’s best friend. Because you have outlined the tenant’s responsibilities in terms of waste management within the lease – a continual violation of this contract will require you to take the necessary steps as outlined in the signed agreement.


Smokers leave a different type of mess about, often in the form of cigarette butts… every where! Smoking can really leave behind a lot of stench and damage. Therefore, it’s mandatory that you outline all provisions regarding smoking policies within a lease agreement. It’s becoming more commonplace to have non-smoking agreement inside of a rental property – but, there will always be those that break the rules.

A horrible smell is left behind when a smoker moves out if they are smoking inside of the property. Staining and discoloration of the walls are also common when someone smokes inside. Again, this is why it is so important to thoroughly document the property condition before a new tenant. Using a simple property inspection app makes the process easier and more practical, as you can do it from your mobile device.

If you are dealing with a tenant that is violating the lease in terms of smoking, you would need to follow all necessary steps outlined in the signed agreement with the tenant.

Protect Yourself

Tenants come in all shapes, sizes, and habits. Unfortunately, no matter how thoroughly you screen potential residents, you never know for sure what you are going to get until they have moved in.

Always cover your ground, and keep yourself protected by conducting accurate and complete property inspections that capture every detail when you use SnapInspect. Sign up for the no-obligation free two-week trial and start your first inspection within minutes.

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