The Importance of Great Property Inspection App Tech Support

shutterstock_142936138Property inspection apps are fantastic for your property management business, and can totally revolutionize the working process for you and your team. Your app will hopefully be easy to use and work very well, but as with most computer programs, it will need updates, and may sometimes have issues. When this happens, you will need tech support, and that should be an important factor when you are choosing between different apps available. There are many different things that can make a tech support team great, but here are a few that you should consider vital when making your decision.

Live Human Response

When you are having technology issues, the last thing you want to do is call in for help and get an automated response. Make sure that the property inspection app you choose offers LIVE tech support, so that you don’t get stuck in a situation like that. Oftentimes, any problems that happen will occur while you are trying to do something important, and you will need to speak to a person to get it resolved. Automated responses just won’t cut it.

Phone Support

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting live tech help is to call on the phone, but some apps and software companies don’t offer phone support. Especially if the problem you are having is conflicting with your technology, you may not be able to use email. You should pick a company that can offer you phone contact for tech support, so that if you have a problem, you can call and have someone talk you through it. Oftentimes it is helpful just to hear a friendly human voice reassure you that the problem can be fixed.


Email support is usually offered by app and software providers, but you should make sure that they answer in a timely fashion. When you are having a tech issue, you probably need help as soon as possible, and may not have time to sit around waiting for an email that will never come. If the provider you choose offers a strong email support system, you won’t have to deal with long delays, and can communicate with the support team without tying up your phone.

Live Chat

If you can’t call on the phone, live chat is the next best solution. You may not be able to hear another person’s voice as you are walked through your tech support problem, but you will be receiving instant responses, so you know that they are working on the issue right when you consult them. This instant option gives you access to instant support, and allows your problems to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Fast Response

Your provider should offer at least one of these three options, but a great service will offer all three. The important thing is that you need a tech support team which will respond as quickly as possible, and resolve issues within the same business day that they occur. When shopping around, don’t forget to ask about the tech support options available, so that you know you are getting an excellent service when you choose.

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