Top 20 Best Resources for Property Managers


Property Management is a broad term that encompasses the operation, oversight, and control of real estate. A big part of this responsibility involves marketing efforts aimed at attracting and retaining residents or tenants. With so many aspects involved in this competitive industry, property managers need reliable and trusted online resources for the latest industry news, insights, and best practices to stay on top of their game.


From advice on the latest property management technology to customer relations advice – the following is a list of twenty of the best resources for modern property managers in no particular order.



Propertyware enables property managers to run more efficiently on a daily basis by providing advanced online property accounting, marketing, and management software. Property managers will find this website useful with a huge library of content packed with tips and expert advice.

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Mesa Property Management

Mesa Property Management is a company in the Southern California that provides services for investors to help them purchase, rehabilitate and manage real estate. Articles featured on the blog of their website gives valuable advice for property managers and investors alike.

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Tiny Houses Have Become the Next Big Investment

How HGTV Stars Make House Flipping Look so Easy


Grace Hill

The Grace Hill website takes great pride in offering valuable information about multifamily property management. Content on the site appeals to a wide audience from the seasoned pro to the newbie just starting out in the multifamily industry. This website is designed to provide free educational material and training about multifamily properties including webinars, networking events, career portal, and a radio station.

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Be a People Builder!

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit


Real-Time Leasing

Real-Time Leasing features content designed to help property managers improve their service. The Minneapolis-based company focuses on innovation and technology and how they are applied to the property management industry.

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Are You Ready to Invest in Alternative Markets?


30 Lines

Interested in expanding the technical side of your property management business? 30 Lines specializes in digital marketing with the focus on apartment marketers. The blog on their website offers digital tips and technology advice. The content of the blog is designed to help property managers gain a better grasp on available tools for property management, such as property inspection applications, and how to leverage the different types of digital tools for maximum results.

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The Most Talked About Apartment Marketing Trends in 2015

The Nature of Nurture: How Lead Nurturing Emails Enhance Your Apartment Marketing


MultiFamily Executive

MultiFamily Executive is a well-known expert in the industry of multifamily property management. Property managers routinely drop by this hub to get the latest housing news. Content includes the latest industry demographic details, executive leadership news, best practices, and current trends. As a leading resource for information in the industry, Multifamily Executive delivers a wealth of information about property management software, tech tools, and more.

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Rents are Pretty Much the Only Prices Going Up

Architects as Developers

Mark Juleen

Mark Juleen admits to being obsessed with the apartment marketing industry. He is the Vice President of Marketing for J.C. Hart Apartment Communities and knows apartment marketing inside and out. His website is a place you can find insightful content from industry thought leaders with an emphasis on the advantages of using property management technology tools to provide optimal delivery of resident services.

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What Reviews are You Focusing On?

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Pulling together all the latest news in the multifamily industry, Yardi is a great resource for industry happenings and expert insights. Learn more about providing online payment portals and other tricks of the trade for improving resident satisfaction.

Noteworthy posts:

Renting to Millennials

Concierge Service: 3 Benefits for Multifamily


First Light Property Management 2.0

The First Light Property Management blog is a place where property managers for any real estate go to get valuable advice and expert insights. Topics on the blog range from the latest property management news to property management infographics; social media best practices and more.

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Pest Control Advice for Real Estate Agents

Six Mandatory Steps for Protecting Your Rental Property



Green Residential blog delivers news from around the world of property management on a variety of subjects and also features relevant industry-related news in the Houston area.

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The 8 Things Good Tenants Hate

Color Psychology: 8 Tips for Painting Your Property



The Entrata blog is set up as a place for property managers to learn more about technology and other best practices to improve their business. One of the most notable features from the Property Solution blog is the educational value including free webinars. Get industry insights on everything from tips to improve the value of your property to how to lower recruiting costs and more.

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Your Cyber Security Playbook

Preparing for the Rush: Webinar Recap


Real Property Management

Real Property Management is a company that provides offices and resources that specialize in managing rental properties of all types and sizes. The blog on their website is designed to offer advice, tips, and trends for property managers.

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The Importance of Annual Planning

When Do-It-Yourself Property Management Becomes Too Much



Multifamily Insiders

Multifamily Insiders delivers a blog that is straight from the horse’s mouth – so to speak. Actual colleagues in the industry share experience about what has worked for them and what didn’t work. You will find information on the blog including best practices and expert property management operational tips and advice.

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Boost Tech Savvy to Improve Marketing to Millennials

Five Must-Ask Questions Not Found on Your Guest card



FlipKey is an online rental site that has been connecting people with properties for many years. They’ve received recognition from many highly reputable sources and has appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, LA Times, MSNBC, and SmartMoney. The blog on their website lives up to their solid reputation by providing valuable content in their managers section that helps investors and property managers make good decisions.

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6 Smart Ways to Pet-Proof Your Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental

How Much is Too Much? Security Deposits that Won’t Drive Vacationers Away


Hales Property Management

Known as Chicago’s Condo Services Professionals – this property management company specializes in meeting the needs of smaller and more limited properties in addition to the complex demands of larger real estate. Their ability to customize service and deliver boutique quality work builds an interesting foundation for the blog on their website. Topics on the Hales Property Management blog cover fundamental issues that affect condo owners and property managers.

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Dealing with Dangerous Ice on Your Building

The Reasons for Joint Filing a Property Tax Appeal as a Condo Owner


Zing Property Management

Zing Property Management is a company with offices in Houston and Austin that has been managing residential and commercial investments for more than 20 years. Their professional services cover all property types and deal with local and out-of-state investors. Articles are published to their blog at a frequency of about four to six per month and feature valuable information for property managers by covering the issues that matter most.

Noteworthy posts:

Easy Tips to Decorate Your Rental Home

What Renovations Have the Best Resale Value


Hampton & Hampton, CRMC

Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing, Inc. is a top real estate management firm that specializes in residential, multifamily, and investment properties. Their professional property management team has an impressive 89 years of combined experienced. The blog on their website features valuable content for property managers and tenants.

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When Should I Evict My Tenant: Expert Tips from a Property Manager in Orlando

What Insurance do I need if I Rent Out my Orlando Investment Property?


Apartment Marketing

The Apartment Marketing blog is a great place for property managers that want to grow and improve their business. Special topics of interest you will find on this blog include a goldmine of advice on social media for the industry and articles about resident retention and improving relationships.

Noteworthy posts:

Don’t Scare Leads Away: Five Reminders for Leasing Agents

Content Marketing: A Long Term Strategy for Apartment Communities


Multi-Housing News

Multi-Housing News is a great place to find original content covering multifamily property management. What makes this blog so special and unique is their frequent use of guest bloggers that keeps the content fresh and offers a broad range of perspectives.

Noteworthy posts:

Five Things You Should Check

VerTex Expands Student Housing Portfolio


All Property Management

All Property Management is a trusted name in the property management industry. The blog offered on their website is well-structured and professional regarding content and design. What you will love about this site are the amazing infographics and top industry insights.

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