Training Your Staff on Property Inspection Apps

shutterstock_121748410If you have recently purchased a property inspection app, or are looking into it, one of things you need to consider in your plan to integrate it into your current system is how you will train your employees to use it. Hopefully, if the app is of high quality, the program should be user-friendly and not present any difficulties for you or your other property managers. Even so, there will be features that you may not fully understand, and it is important to implement a training session or two for everyone to get to know the new inspection process. Luckily, there are several simple ways to get to know your new product, for you and your staff.


One of the easiest ways to learn about the property inspection app you are purchasing is to choose a company that offers a free trial, and test the app to the fullest extent during this free period. This will give you a chance to get to know the interface, the features, how integration will work, and how easily you and your employees can use it for daily operations. At the end of the trial period, you will know both how well the app will work for your company and what kind of questions or training you need to request from the app provider. If you choose a high quality inspection app and provider, they will surely offer a great support system to assist you.

Inspection App Tech Support

Another great feature that will help you train your employees and yourself to effectively use your new app is a tech support line. Quality app providers offer customer support for you convenience, and they can help you work through any difficulties, or navigate the system when you are lost. If the support offered is of top quality, you will be able to communicate with them via phone call, email, or sometimes even live chat. While this probably isn’t the main technique that you will use to train your employees, it is a great resource to fall back on. With SnapInspect Customer Support, you will have fast and easy access to the answers and solutions you need.

Set Up Services

If you choose the right company for your property inspection app needs, you will receive free set up services when you purchase the new product. This set up service will take the difficulty out of integrating the new app into your existing system, and you can ask the person setting up the programs about any features or parts that integrate which you don’t understand. It will probably be easiest for the number of people involved in the set up process to be low, maybe one or two people total. These people can then relate the useful information to other members of the team. Of course, app information is not the purpose of the set up service, but it can turn into an informational event.

Create a Little Class

When you have enough information to feel knowledgeable about your new app, you can simply hold a little training session for the rest of your team. It is a simple process for you, or a designated team member, to field test the app and learn everything there is to know, and then create training material for the rest of the staff. This is an effective use of your resources which will leave all of your employees knowledgeable about the new app and ready to use it on the job with great results.

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