U.S. Cities with the Highest and Lowest Housing Markets

Home Inspection.When it comes to the nation’s housing market, the prices of homes are undoubtedly all over the place. There’s been an upsurge of hope, in terms of improving the financial woes that have held up profits in this sector, but all cities have their own bidding prices. While many regions boast unbelievably low costs, there’s still others whose prices continue to shoot through the roof, making it nearly impossible to dream of ever owning a home in the vicinity. The most essential thing to do is be cognizant of which cities are at the lowest and highest ends of the spectrum. Being well-informed makes life easier and will most likely benefit you as a small business owner in the property inspection industry.

The Highs

• San Jose

It’s no surprise that four of the cities with the most expensive homes for sale are in the state of California. Long known as one of the priciest regions in the country, the recent real estate boom has left tremendous disappointment for many citizens who’ve ever aspired to become homeowners. San Jose ranks first in line with the median asking price being nearly $900,000. Fortunately, this doesn’t put professionals in property inspection at a loss. The key is to aggressively advertise services and connect with networks who have the best leads.

• San Francisco

San Francisco follows close behind San Jose with prices soaring well into the $700,000 range. The good news for homebuyers is that interest rates still remain relatively low despite the unbelievable costs. In addition, the market is expected to keep stabilizing between now and the end of the year.

• San Diego

Also, San Diego has hit an all-time high with homebuyers being forced to pay around the average of $500,000 per residence. Although prices in the city continue to soar, another good point to mention is that the foreclosure rate as significantly dropped, if not faded, in some areas. Future homebuyers, real estate agents, and those in property inspection are encouraged to remain optimistic.

The Lows

• Youngstown

Fortunately, there’s a few metro areas that give peace of mind to home seekers when it comes to purchasing new property. One city that has one of the lowest home costs is Youngstown, Ohio where the average price is approximately $79,000 for a single-family unit. Homes in the Midwest region typically exalt lower bidding prices than anywhere else in the nation right now.

• Decatur

Decatur, Illinois also has cost-effective gems which are a sight for sore eyes. The city’s median cost per home is about $90,000. Legitimate individuals in property inspection shouldn’t have much trouble securing clients, especially if they’re taking advantage of digital property inspection services to boost quality and meet business goals.

• Toledo

Lastly, Toledo Ohio ranks high on the states with lower prices for home sales. The city’s property averages at about $95,900 per home which is a breath of fresh air for prospective buyers who were used to seeing prices at towering rates during the recent housing market crisis.

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