Understanding the Cost of Your Property Inspection App

Business Hand select New Real Estate from Sale Representative usAll property inspection apps are not created equal. There are many different providers out there, and apps that cost exactly the same may not provide all of the same features and services. Real estate professionals need new technology, but not the kind that ends up costing more than it helps. Before you finalize a contract with a software or application provider, take a closer look at how they total up your bill each month. There may be hidden costs that you didn’t see at first, which can make the app more expensive than it is worth. Be sure to ask important questions about how they charge you, and then make your decision.

Ways They Can Charge

There are plenty of places that extra fees can be added when you are working with a property inspection app. To avoid any issues with a company not being straightforward about the cost, ask them if they use some of these methods for extra fees:

  • By the property. Some companies may charge a fee every time you add a new property to the database. If you are a small company looking to grow, this means that each time you expand with another property, you can expect your bill to increase. This can add up quickly, and if you are a large company with many properties, your bill could get out of control right away. Look for companies that let you increase in increments, that way you have some room to grow before your bill changes.
  • By the device. If you have only a few users that will need the app on a mobile device, this might not be a large amount to pay. But once your company begins to need more inspectors on the team, it will start to add up. This is another area that would be easier if it increased by increments. If you need to add devices, be sure to speak to your company about how it will affect the bill.
  • By the inspection. This could severely hamper your business. If you are concerned about how much it will cost to use your inspection app every time one of your properties has an inspection due, you may be inclined to make fewer inspections, which can cause you to miss important details in your homes. The longer damage sits, the more expensive it can be to repair. It would be much easier if you chose a company that didn’t charge you a fee every time you inspect a home and use the app.

Aside from extra charges, there are plenty of important questions you should ask your property inspection app provider, but these should definitely make the list. This way, you can make an informed decision when you buy your software, and you can make a more comprehensive budget. Don’t let bells and whistles distract you from hidden costs and inferior quality. Getting the best deal available will be good for you, your staff, and your tenants.

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