Why Choose a Cross-Platform Property Inspection App?

shutterstock_142936138One of the things to consider when selecting a property inspection app is which platform you need it to run on.  Some apps run on Android, some run on iOS, and some are web-only, but very few apps are truly cross-platform.  While the cross-platform apps are typically more expensive, it’s worth the extra investment to have the flexibility of being able to use your app on multiple operating systems.  Even if you’re absolutely married to your Galaxy Note, knowing you can run the app on an iPad or a laptop has a few unmistakable advantages.

You’re insured against device failure or loss

If your beloved iPhone gets left on the bus, or explodes unexpectedly in a shower of sparks, you’re immediately faced with the question of how to replace it.  Especially if you use your smartphone or tablet for work, having access to a new one quickly after an old one gets lost or damaged can mean the difference between keeping and losing clients.  If the app you’ve been using for your property inspections is iOS only, then that severely limits your replacement options, which can be an especially big problem if immediately getting a new iPhone isn’t an option.  Perhaps your nearest wireless store is sold out of iPhones, or perhaps you want to save money by buying or borrowing a cheap Android while you wait for your insurance claim to be processed.  Whatever it is, if you aren’t locked into a particular operating system, replacing a damaged device becomes much easier, since you can simply download the app for your new OS.

You don’t have to let your app dictate your device

Despite how many people religiously stick to one operating system over another, just as many switch devices and operating systems all the time.  There are any number of reasons to switch from one OS to another, from ease of use to range of devices to simple aesthetic preference, but having your property inspection app only work on one OS severely limits your ability to choose a new device.  The more comfortable you are with the interface of your device, the more efficiently you can work, which means that the app you use should work with the OS you prefer, not the other way around.

It’s much easier for new teammates

If you run a business with multiple employees, it’s important that everyone be running the same property inspection app.  If that is an app that only works on one OS, then that immediately presents a problem for new teammates whose devices run a different OS.  An employee just starting out is unlikely to want to shell out a lot of money for a new device, and it is a poor financial decision for the business to cover the cost of new smartphones or tablets for employees.  By using an app that works on multiple operating systems, new employees can jump right in whether they’re using the latest ASUS tablets or secondhand iPhone 4s.

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