Why It Pays for Property Inspectors to Be Tech Savvy

bigstock-Inspector-with-a-house-made-of-28806449The age of information keeps evolving. Gone are the days of typewriters, paper files, and shorthand. The Internet and a wealth of software programs in every genre one can imagine now dominates the world, and business industries have embraced this presence, using it to their advantage. With so many changes happening so frequently, it’s important that property inspectors get on board to enjoy the benefits that technological advancements bring to their business. New developments are a good idea to own and utilize regularly in order to take your enterprise to the next level.

Property inspection apps, for example, are the first of their kind designed to replace traditional hand-written reports altogether. These well-crafted devices allow you to enter information on your phone or tablet during a home evaluation and then, import everything into a single report that you can easily deliver to your clients. Essentially, life becomes much easier for you and your customer base. Check out a number of reasons why you should remain more knowledgeable about incorporating technology into your career.

Competitive Edge

Change is inevitable. It’s difficult to stay afloat in this industry if you’re not constantly adapting to the current social and business climates. The introduction of various technical tools and new data continue to shape the direction of one of the most demanding and profitable sectors, and it’s up to you to roll with the punches. Becoming familiar with the latest trends will help you understand what’s working and what’s not working in your field, as well as how to differentiate yourself from businesses with similar platforms.

The bottom line is that you need to hold your existing clients’ attention and draw in new prospects. Keep in mind the majority of your customer base also has some experience with technology in their day-to-day activities and professions, so it’s likely that they’ll want someone who’s on the same page with them. Utilizing online services and property inspection apps are a great way to prove that your technical skills align with theirs.

It’s Faster

People respond better to quick results. Being tech savvy enables you to figure out solutions and offer feedback during home investigations in a timelier manner. The use of property inspection apps are promising in that they provide on-the-spot analyses, rather than old-fashioned reports on clipboards that had to be typed and mailed or emailed at a later date. A faster turnaround always makes for happier clients, especially when it comes to something as significant as being part of the process to sell or invest in a house.

More Flexibility

Lastly, your familiarity with technology opens the door to more versatility in several areas. For one, you can provide more delivery options, as well as details, to customers after an inspection. It also lets you be more selective about your own schedule and the hours that you plan to give to assignments during your day-to-day operations. The easy use of the Internet, computing devices, and specialized software allows you to fit more into your workspace at the times you want to abide by instead of being stuck with a rigid routine.


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