3 Reasons to Use a Property Inspection App

shutterstock_142936138There are still some property management and real estate companies that aren’t using a property inspection app. Some think that a digital inspection app is hard to learn. In addition, they see the learning curve as time lost. Some think that because of the features offered by a great property inspection app that it is too expensive. Here are three reasons why property owners, property managers, and real estate agents should use a property inspection app.

Better Time Management

Utilizing property inspection software means that you can manage your time more efficiently. Manual property inspections require printing and gathering the appropriate check lists and forms before the assessment. With a property management app, you will always have your checklists and other necessities ready because they are on your smart phone. Most smart phones have really good digital cameras and are capable of recording video. You can now easily show instead of tell your clients about the condition of their property. There is no need to carry a digital camera. The files can be backed up to cloud technology and a link for the file is placed into the report. This can cut the amount of time you spend on property inspection by as much as 75%.

Better Overall Inspection

A property inspection app provides for a better overall inspection. You have everything you need to perform the inspection provided you have your smart phone with you. You can eliminate the worry involved in property inspection. There’s no reason to worry about if you wrote down the correct damaged countertop. You will be able to take photos directly into the app and add them to the report. Photos and videos are available to clients with one simple click.

Stay Competitive

Our world becomes more technologically advanced every day. The Millennial generation is now involved in the buying, selling, and management of property. As such it is important that your property management business stay competitive. Using a digital property app can help. You will be able to inspect property in a shorter period of time. That means more time to grow your business. This is particularly important for those who work as an independent property inspector. You will have the ability to create professional, branded reports for your client directly from your property management app.

The cost involved in purchasing a property inspection app is relatively minimal when you think about all of the spectacular ways that your business will benefit. SnapInspect offers a free two week trial. In fact, SnapInspect customers save around $10 for every $1 they spend on SnapInspect. It only takes minutes to set up and you will be able to access it from your smart device and from the web. We even offer free “Done For You Setup Services” to help you get the ball rolling. Many of the things offered by SnapInspect were an industry first such as video capability and electronic signatures. Our property inspection app is compatible for Android, Apple, and offers an easy to use web version.

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