Let Technology Help You

Have you ever thought of how much time is wasted on going out to do inspections and then having to come back to your office cubicle to create “nice” inspection reports? Well! let me help you understand how much time is used up in this process on an average. Again, this will depend on the industry you are in and the complexity of the inspections themselves making it vary across the board.

Residential inspectors who manage properties will depend on how frequently the inspections are being done, how in-depth the inspections themselves are and not to mention a number of properties that 1 inspector/surveyor manages.

On average an inspector within this industry would spend around 40 minutes completing inspections such as Move In/Move Out/Routine. On average let’s say that 100 properties are managed by 1 property manager this would mean that the property will be inspected 4 times a year. Again, this differs from how often you have routine checkups on managed properties and how often tenants move in/move out. If you’re a property manager and manage 100 properties yourself this means you will be doing 2 Inspections a day.

4 Inspections a year x 100 managed properties = 400 inspections a year divided by 12 = 33 inspections a month divided by 4 weeks in a month = 8 inspections a week divide by 5 working days a week = 1 – 2 inspections a day.

The best thing about this is that each inspector will be saving time off their day to do other tasks saving time and being more effective in other areas where they are required to provide more attention.

Based on the above calculations you will be averaging around 40 minutes to 1 hour. That’s a lot of time… a day. So…. what does this all mean for you? With SnapInspect we can skim 75% of your daily inspection process. This means your 40-minute inspections will take you only 10 minutes! Your 1-hour inspections will take you 15 minutes and this doesn’t include the amounts of time having to be back at the office cubicle trying to use Microsoft Word to create some sort of inspection report. Imagine how much more free time you could have if this entire inspection process was just a press of a button to generate professional looking inspection reports in super shorter times.

Companies such as SnapInspect have made life easier by providing a mobile app that runs both on iOS and Android devices (yes, this includes mobile phones and tablets). Why even bother to make your life that already is hard even harder by doing things manually. Keep up with the times and let technology help you do your inspections better. Try your free trial today by clicking HERE.

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