Taking away process with Smart Bulk Upload

Are you sick and tired of manually having to input data into a database/software and then have to manually organize these assets such as units/apartments into buildings or maybe you would like just to be able to assign and schedule inspections to agents from one massive bulk upload of information? If your answer is yes, then you are one of many just like our clients that tend to want quick, effective and simple tools at their fingertips.
Having been around in the industry for some time now, we have created a feature called “Smart Bulk Upload” this takes the manual process away and out of your hands which will create less time wasted and more time doing other important tasks. One major differentiator from SnapInspect’s Smart Bulk Uploader compared to other software on the market is that SnapInspect provides an ability for you to upload directly from your asset management software straight into SnapInspect. Many platforms on the market require strict upload formats but with Smart Bulk Upload you can immediately map each information to its correct line of information with a click of a button.

The function allows users to:

1) Bulk upload entire portfolios in seconds.
2) Assign assets to specific team members.
3) Schedule Inspections to specific team members.
4) Organize buildings with its units/apartments.
5) Asset owner details.
6) Asset tenant details.
7) References of assets/ or important other needed information.

Having all this information in SnapInspect allows the platform/software to actually link other features using the above information to provide more to you than any other application/or software on the market.

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