The Importance of a professional inspection report

Technology in the hands of businessmen
Professional looking inspection reports can be the boost that your business needs. Why? That is because most companies tend to believe that the “old fashion method” of inspection reports by pen and paper is exactly what the client or court systems requires.

Let’s be honest no one in their right mind wants to be stuck behind the office desk working on making the inspection report look “formal” and “appealing” for an extra few hours once you have already been out on the field gathering all the photos and information needed. There have been cases where the final report was completed, but the client was unable to read the handwriting of an inspector creating problems later on down the road when that particular report was needed for a court case.

The fact is, we as a society are being overwhelmed with advancing technologies. This new technology is revolutionary, and many businesses are afraid to step into this new era. By utilizing this technology as applications that can now do the job of creating these professional inspection reports better and quicker than you and I could and all without having to sit behind a desk for hours editing, uploading photos and then finally writing the report. Don’t get left behind in the industry still thinking that the old methods still work, don’t get me wrong they work.. but are these methods today performing as well as it can be with the new advanced methods open to us in today’s era.

Many inspection software or applications on the market today do not have the real capabilities of making your business inspection reports look exactly the way you want them to look. With SnapInspect 3 customization is the key strength in making sure your business inspection reports look amazing and stand out from others. The SnapInspect 3 platform which is a new platform from its legacy platform SnapInspect 2 opens the doors to the world full of customization to equip your business for all industries, not just residential property managers. To view, some of the incredible inspection reports that SnapInspect 3 has done here is a quick link HERE to see some sample reports for multiple industries. By creating your very own inspection report you can both guarantee that your report will look professional and appealing to all clients and the court systems.

SnapInspect 3 offers a 14-day free trial that can be extended if required depending on circumstances. Try it today and see for yourself the powerful customization and reporting application that operates both on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices as well as the computer. If you would like to request a demo of the app you may do so DEMO REQUEST.

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