Copy Inspection and Convert Inspection Features

Much of the inspection software out there in today’s market can look amazing, but many lack the real features that will save your business time and money. At SnapInspect we take pride and joy in taking feedback and working closely with our clients to establish new features that will work for your team. We do not create features we think MIGHT work. However, we do create functions that we know WILL work by listening to our clients and ensuring that it works to create speed and efficiency for your business.

SnapInspect has two features that no other inspection software or app has on the market. These features are called “Convert Inspection” and “Copy Inspection.” Each feature plays a different role and has different outcomes on helping increase productivity.

The feature Convert Inspection allows your team to be able to convert an existing completed inspection report that might have been a Move In Inspection into a Move Out or/Move Out into a Move In Inspection. It will use the same inspection report to complete the conversion this means all existing photos, comments, and ratings are all still the same.   Why would someone want to keep the same photos, comments, and ratings? Simply put most properties are left in the same condition before the tenant moving into the property. This creates a simple process to change an old inspection into a new inspection without having to physically go to the property to start a fresh inspection. If there are some differences where you would like to take new photos or change the ratings/comments, then you may do so without having to do the entire inspection over again.
How convert inspection can help you?

– When minor changes between the previous move out inspection and the new move in inspection. Instead of visiting the property the inspector is capable of making adjustments to the inspection report in their office creating less time wasted by not making a trip.

– Being able to generate a separate inspection report that is more compact and summarized with issues to hand over to your client. By doing so, you have an internal inspection report for office use and a compact version for your client to spot defects.

The feature Copy Inspection creates a much more effective method of doing inspections. There are actually two forms of Copy Inspection: one method that allows you to copy the inspection comments and ratings but not the pictures. This means you will have the capabilities to then take photos saving you time not writing comments or adding ratings.

The other copy inspection method is identical, but it also will copy the inspection photos that were in the previous inspection report. This does not mean that you will be downloading any images when you decide to copy an inspection with photos. However, it does mean you will have the old photos there, and you could easily add new photos if needed.

How copy inspection can help you?

– Allow the agents or inspector to be able to compare previous inspection ratings, comments and photos to the new inspection in progress while on site.

– Allow on-site agent or inspectors to copy a previous inspection with the capability of copying over images and comments for easier edits or additional photos.

Convert inspection and copy inspection seem like they do the same function? You are correct in some way. However, The Convert function is only available to you via the WebApp, which is the browser version. The copy inspection is available to you from the mobile device that means it is more designed for agents or inspectors that are on the field equipped to quickly see if they are required to do the whole inspection right then and there or if they would find it more effective to copy the previous inspection and then make adjustment changes to the comments and ratings while on the field. Do keep in mind that no data is wasted to “copy the inspection” but you will need to be connected to the internet just to pull some of the basic information out for the inspection you wish to copy.

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