3 Things That a Property Inspection Report is Likely to Miss

Architect Using Cell Phone With Blueprint At SiteProperty inspection has become easier than it was in the past with the emergence of software and apps that make property management easy. In fact, there are property inspection apps available today that can transform any interested user into a property inspector. However, even with this reach, there are areas that property inspectors simply miss. These areas have an impact on the suitability of a house for living, especially for a family. Below we look at some areas that are forgotten.

Mold and mildew

Most property inspectors focus on structural, electrical, and plumbing of a house. They simply are not accustomed to checking for things like mold and mildew, especially since these two health hazards tend to be hidden away under floorboards and under the tub. Mold and mildew can cause bacteria that cause illness to hang in the air and, especially to small kids and people susceptible to respiratory illnesses. It also makes the house smelly. If the floorboards are growing molds and mildew, it can also indicate that they are becoming structurally compromised which means they will require repair or replacement. On the face of it, looking out for molds might not look like its important but once you understand just how expensive not looking out for that may get, you understand why it is one of those fringe areas that you need to get an inspection report on.

Chipping lead paint

One of the last things a property inspector is likely to be interested in including in his report is a lead paint assessment. Lead in paint is in itself not hazardous; the real danger is when the paint is chipped. Today, it is unlikely that you find lead in paints since the government outlawed it. However, houses built in the 1970’s have lead paints especially on window frames, ceilings, and some interior wall. Chipping lead paint poses great danger to toddlers and pets since they are likely to ingest it. Lead poisoning is a real and present danger in homes where the paint is chipping.

It is important to order a test on the paint especially if the house is not recently constructed. When you discover that your walls have lead, engage a painting company to remove the paint and repaint while you and your family are away. This is because when lead paint is being removed, it breaks into small pieces that find their way into your lungs.

Smoke detectors

Many property inspection reports don’t inform on the presence or absence of smoke detectors. Every room in a house should have a smoke detector. This not only helps with improving the chances of getting a fire extinguished before it’s too late but also helps in reducing insurance premiums for fire insurance.

A regular inspector will not be looking for any of the above things, unless he or she is explicitly instructed to do so. Having a report on these and other seemingly trivial things can be the difference between a comfortable living space and constant hospital visits.

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