4 Benefits That a Home Inspection App Gives to a Homeowner

shutterstock_144406966In the past, property inspection apps have been the preserve of inspectors and big real estate professionals. This was mainly due to the prohibitive cost of property inspection apps. Today, there are many free inspection apps available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. How does having a property inspection app help a homeowner?

Ordering repairs

Any property inspection software worthy of your use should allow you to take pictures, have templates with the common areas of interest like exterior, interior, plumbing and electrical wiring, allow you to export and share collected data among others. With such an app, a homeowner is able to develop a concise report on what he or she needs to repair within the house. This report can then be sent to a repair company. There are repair companies that charge additional fees for inspection because they do not want to come and spend time at a client’s place looking at what should be repaired and what should not be. When a homeowner has endeavored to make a report on this, he or she not only saves money but also gains respect from the repair people, which can influence the quality of work that they do for him or her. Technicians and repair people respect clients who understand what they need done.

Taking out a second mortgage

If a homeowner ever needed to take out a second mortgage on his or her house for some reason, it helps to have a nice report of the home’s state. A property inspection app allows an owner to generate a good report for the bank or lender. Although the lender will send a professional inspector to do an independent report, they will look at a borrower who goes to lengths to make a personal report favorably. Like many things, taking out a loan is about presenting yourself as a person who is organized and trustworthy. A nice self-generated report does that for you.

Selling a house

Before a buyer commits to buy a home, he or she will commission an inspection. This allows him or her to have an idea of what will need to be repaired or changed when he or she buys the home. When a seller has a report prepared, he or she stands out from any other buyers because he or she has done something to help the prospective buyer. Some buyers are satisfied with the homeowner’s report and can even decide not to spend money on another inspection. They will only verify what the report says, saving them money. A happy prospect is an easier sell than an indifferent one.

Real estate agents also do inspections before accepting to list the property on behalf of an owner. If a homeowner already has a report ready, the broker is impressed and that helps in motivating the broker to sell fast.

These are just some of the benefits that a homeowner can accrue from having and using a property inspection app.

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