3 Virtues of a Good Property Manager

bigstock-Construction-Man-1525642We all like to excel at whatever we attempt. After all, who doesn’t like well-deserved praise? Here are 3 virtues you should strive to cultivate if you want to be known as a good property manager, and how digital property management can help you achieve them.


Your time is extremely valuable: it’s what your clients are paying you for, after all. Being prompt in getting back to them on inspections shows initiative, a strong work ethic, and an all-out ability to get results. The prompter you are, the more impressed your clients are likely to be.

Much the same is true of the tenants. The prompter you are in resolving inspection-related issues, or even preventing them from happening in the first place, the higher you are likely to rise in the esteem of the tenants.

Digital property management saves time over conventional property management because it eliminates time spent typing up reports. You can probably relate to spending a great deal of time typing up reports and formatting them so that they look good and reflect well on your brand. A property inspection app can take care of all of that for you, sending off an auto-formatted report to your client in the form of a user-friendly link.


In the business of property management, things will inevitably go wrong from time to time. When they do, it is important for you to project confidence to your clients and, if applicable, any tenants. Even if the situation is very unfortunate, such as a backed-up septic tank or a broken refrigerator, if you are confident and act in charge, people are likely to take you more seriously.

Conversely, there are circumstances in which it is very important to be confident that nothing is wrong. Say some tenants move out, and you conduct an inspection. You find a number of issues, some quite serious, and make the appropriate calls.

Now, when the last check is written to your maintenance personnel, will you be confident in telling the client that everything has been taken care of? Are you as sure as you can possibly be that you caught all issues and resolved them? What if the client presses you on this point?

With a digital property management app, you have a tool that can help you to be more confident about the state of a property before you vouch for it. Next Inspection alerts will help you to remember to check up on minor issues.

You can collaborate with other people on your team, assigning them tasks and sharing things with them. You can even dictate observations and have your app turn them into text.


Organization is an absolute must for even a semi-competent property manager, but a truly good property manager will turn it into a way of life. Think about it: you have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and how many properties to keep track of? If you want to last in the property management business, you need to be a pro at organization.

A property inspection app will help you to organize your schedule in a whole new way. You can set inspection dates and times, select the number of recurrences, and let the app remember for you. Even if you’re not an exceptionally organized person by nature, you’re likely to find that a property inspection app will help you to be a great deal more organized than you are on your own.


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