5 Common Home Problems Recorded in Property Inspection Software

IMG_4675Using reliable property inspection software is necessary to make the process of home inspection fast and efficient. When a property is not new, it is probable to observe damages and defects in many areas. These damages are not only unattractive; they pose certain risks as well to the residents of a home. Water damage, for example, may lead to structural collapse thereby putting any individual in one house at risk for falls and even electrocution.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), there are five common problems noted by inspectors in a poorly maintained house.

Faulty drainage and non-leveled surface grading

This seems to be the most frequently-found problem in old homes. It leads to many other household maladies such as cracked walls and basement flooding. To correct this problem, the homeowner may have to re-grade the entire ground around the property, repair the gutter, and direct drainage away from the house. The goal is to prevent any more water damage from weakening the structure of the property.

Improper and dangerous electrical wiring

Many home inspectors also note that there is prevalence of dangerous and irregular electrical wiring in older houses. This problem includes but is not limited to messy clumping of wires, exposed wires, and inadequate overload protection. Electricians observe that this is frequently the product of residents and property owners that resort to DIY electrical installation. It is important to acknowledge that this is a health hazard that has to be corrected right away or else residents may become victims of accidental electrocutions.

Damaged roofs and shingles

With their property inspection software, inspectors have also noticed that old houses have roof and ceiling defects. This is usually caused by normal wear and tear as most roofs only have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Roof leakage can lead to heavy water damage and owners may have to change the roof entirely to fix the problem. When this is not possible, there are other inexpensive solutions such as re-caulking roof penetrations or repairing shingles.

Plumbing or piping defects

Plumbing defects also rank high as a house problem according to the ASHI. In old houses, inspectors are bound to notice the existence of old or incompatible piping materials, ineffective fixtures and even gas leaks. The kitchen sink drainage is also a notorious area for inspectors to record as it is typically repaired by homeowners themselves.

Unsatisfactory overall maintenance

What surprises most home inspectors is that Americans, on average, tend to love their cars more than their homes. The behavior results to visible house impairments such as peeled walls, dilapidated masonry, dangerous wiring, and broken furniture. It is therefore a challenge to homeowners to take care of their property as for it not to incur damages and defects that are actually preventable.

Those are only some of the most common problems that home inspectors face when they are doing their rounds of inspecting properties. With the help of reliable property inspection software, the process of inspection becomes more bearable.

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