Property Inspection App with Web or Cloud Storage

Camera Technology to Assist Your Property Inspection AppIf you’ve recently turned to using a property inspection app, one of the most important features that you should be having is web or cloud storage for your reports. Without this, you might as well go back to the traditional clipboard-and-camera method as file organizing will just be as rudimentary and challenging. Here are some of the best reasons why you should keep your reports accessible through the internet.

You can retrieve files faster

Unlike the olden times where property inspection managers have to go through their entire files just to look for one report, technology has made it possible for you to retrieve files by simply searching from a database. By searching for a report through its name or the date it was made, you can save minutes to hours of your time. This is especially helpful for offices that cater properties by the hundreds.

You can share files with your staff

Web or cloud storage for a property inspection app also allows you to share files to your staffers in an easier manner. Since a reliable app will have a control center that lets you control access to your reports, you and your team members can simultaneously review a report wherever any of you are in the world. This is particularly helpful for inspectors that handle multiple inspections in a day as it also leads to faster turnarounds. With a simple tap on their phones or tablets, they can send one report right away through mobile internet.

You can save paper and office space

Unlike before when records are in paper and stored in file boxes, the use of a dependable property inspection app allows you to go digital when it comes to storage. Instead of using office space for archiving files, you can now replace the entire system with at least one computer that has internet connection. You also get to help conserve the environment this way by using less paper with your ability to send digital reports to clients. While this may be convenient, other clients will ask for actual copy, however. To address this concern, you can simply print out reports from the computer.

You can be assured that your reports are secured

Lastly, providers of property inspection software with web or cloud storage often bank on the security of your files. Developers that go for quality would make sure to keep your files from any sort of liability by utilizing robust cloud systems. You can be assured that your reports will still be there throughout your whole subscription. This is particularly helpful if you want to keep copies of your reports in the internet aside from saving them in your computer. In the unlikely event that your computer will malfunction, you will still be able to open and print reports by simply connecting to the internet.

Those are only some of the many advantages of using an exceptional property inspection app that allows you to store files and reports online.

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