5 Types of Clients to Expect During Property Inspections

How to Reduce Tenant TurnoverRegardless of the type of customer-facing career field you’re in, there’s always going be a variety of personalities to deal with. At best, this diversity makes the job more interesting. At worst, it can make your work life a living nightmare if you have to interact with someone who constantly pushes your buttons. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to know what to expect. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in digital property inspection or you’re a beginner who’s breaking into the industry, you’ll find this tidbit to be a helpful guide on your journey. And, there’s no better way to prepare and explore customer service solutions to utilize when the time comes. Check out 5 types of clients that you’ll likely come across on any given day.

The Director

Ever meet someone with an authoritative personality? These types of people seem like they were born to lead and, while their take-charge demeanor is often admirable, it can also rub some individuals the wrong way. If you encounter a do-exactly-what-I-say kind of client during a digital property inspection, it’s essential to react appropriately. Dealing with this kind of disposition can be a balancing act, as you have to be firm and prove to them that you’re the expert who knows what you’re doing but in a tactful way that doesn’t add fuel to the fire. Your best bet is to first listen to how they try to control the situation and then politely offer alternative solutions that you think will be the most fitting.

The Skeptic

Pessimists are easy come by. These types of clients refuse to take you at your word even after they’ve hired you to assess their property. It’s important to recognize their difficulty at trusting others without taking it personally. Maybe they’ve had their share of bad experience with other evaluators which is why they have their guard up. Keep in mind, these matter-of-fact people typically adopt the ‘show, don’t tell’ motto, so you should focus on delivering accurate results in order for them to feel confident about your capabilities.

The Dreamer

One of the only situations that’s more trying than dealing with a cynic is dealing with someone who’s overly optimistic. It’s vital to stay positive, but those in this light are usually so set on seeing the glass as half-full over half-empty that it often leaves them in a state of denial when undesirable occurrences do happen. They may completely dismiss any feedback you have ona house’s faulty components after a digital property inspection. In these situations, remember that you’ve fulfilled your job as the messenger, and it’s completely up to the client if they’re willing to make the necessary repairs or not.

The Overly Defensive

Most inspectors dread argumentative customers. These clients get offended easily and will become extremely rude at any given moment if they don’t like the information given to them. Be sure to hear them out and don’t interrupt them if they need to vent. Even if they don’t acknowledge this form of respect, they’ll appreciate your kindness and may be more willing to meet you halfway or eventually see things from your perspective.

The Fickle

Perhaps the most difficult type of client is one with a wishy-washy state of mind. Their indecisiveness can be burdensome, and you may feel it’s a waste of your precious time to keep having to convince them to make certain decisions or at least let you know where they stand on an issue. The best way to handle this is to exercise patience and realize that their wavering is most likely the only way they can express their unease. If possible, try to find ways to comfort them which will help give them the confidence to remain resolute.

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