How to Ace Your Initial Meeting with New Clients as a Property Inspector

4So, you’ve made it into the land of property inspection, and you’re ready to start building your small business into a long-lasting masterpiece. If you’re passionate about the industry, it can surely happen. Still, it’s essential to understand how to begin strong relationships with clients even before you can cultivate them. You have to start on the right foot to make great impressions that encourage prospect customers to give you a chance and most importantly, spread the word about their positive experiences.

There’s a few things that can help get you going in the right direction, and it all has to do with the first consultation between you and your clients. Remember this initial discussion says everything about you, your principles, and the way you conduct business. Once you make it past this stage, chances are it’s smooth sailing through the rest of the inspection process.

Be On Time

Initial contact with your clients is nothing to take lightly, and promptness is the first real indicator of an excellent professional. Circumstances have a tendency to get in the way and most people are very understanding of this as long as it doesn’t seem like a habit. To avoid any doubts in the mind of your new customer, it’s best to try your best and get to your first meeting in a timely manner which shows that you’re organized and reliable.

Make Eye Contact

You can deliver a good presentation about your revolutionary use of property inspection software and follow all the right social cues, but if you’re not a person who likes to look someone directly in the eye while talking, it could easily turn customers away or at least cause them to raise some red flags. Making eye contact lets people know that you’re genuine with nothing to hide and no ulterior motives. It’s inviting and makes you stand out as a personable, compassionate individual. Be mindful, however, of the difference between eye contact and staring.

Be Clear and Precise about Your Goals

No one likes a rambler who seems all over the place with their explanation about expertise and business practices. Your intentions may be good, but people tend to zone out when you try to lay too much information on them at one time. Be sure to remain clear and straightforward about your approach, basic guidelines, and how your services will benefit your client, as this is usually all they really care about.

Encourage Questions

Always invite your clients to ask any questions they may have or offer to address any concerns. This lets them feel they’re being listened to and not just used as bait to become another number to your growing list of clients. A lot of people may not be familiar with the concept of property inspection software yet, so this usually prompts more conversation around the topic and opens the door to other important factors that you may have left out or glossed over.

Offer a Firm Handshake

It’s common knowledge that a person’s handshake says a lot about them. The firmer, the better. These solid gestures lets customers know that you’re open to new beginnings during the course of your business relationship and also, shows your confident nature. Steer clear of weak, barely-there handshakes that seem insincere and doubtful. Customers can easily pick up on these kinds of signs and, with good reason, try to avoid them at all costs.

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