3 Signs of a Rookie Property Inspector

Graduate Engineer Holding Construction Design PlanWe all make mistakes. No one’s above it, as it’s simply an inherent part of life. Unfortunately, some errors are more costly than others, especially those that affect our careers. If you’re a burgeoning small business owner in the property inspection industry, you’ll come across a lot of situations that will help you determine areas of improvement. As a green professional, it’s important not to reject guidelines and chances to make amends as you continue the journey in your work life. These learning opportunities will help you avoid errors in the future and also assist you with mentoring other less seasoned professionals when the time comes. Check out a few scenarios that you should try to avoid or work through if you’ve already had one of these pitfalls. Recognizing fault is the first step to recovering and becoming better at what you do.

Lack of Thoroughness

One of the most common issues that new workers in property inspection run into is not being detail-oriented. It’s not enough to gloss over components during assessments. Clients need a comprehensive report that accurately analyzes a home’s condition. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting both you and your customer’s time, as well as putting yourself at risk for the possibility of being at the brunt of legal action. Remember to do every evaluation with care and adopt a conscientious mindset that allows you to give precise summaries.

Giving Advice

It may seem like second nature to want to ‘save’ clients who get extremely negative feedback on their digital property inspection report. However, this business forces you to be mindful of the fact that there’s a thin line between being helpful and unintentionally misleading customers.

Inspectors who try to give advice are going outside their area of expertise. It’s up to the client to figure out how or when they want to fix the repairs reported. No matter how much they ask for direction, never try to influence their decision on home improvements, as this could end up backfiring with them trying to hold you liable if your suggestion doesn’t work out.

Poor or Non-existent Business Promotion

Marketing and self-promotion is clearly an art. Although this gift doesn’t come natural to everyone, there’s a lot of resources available that can help you cultivate your advertising skills. The main objective is to regularly broadcast your services via several outlets and do it well.

Don’t have a presence on the social media scene? Be sure to open accounts and create pages on multiple platforms to get the word out about your endeavors. Have a long list of email contacts that you never use? Start an email campaign that enables you to send the latest news, including your distinct  digital property inspection services, on your business via newsletters to recipients. Also, invest in a website that displays your online portfolio, as well as business cards that you can pass out at networking events and during random times when opportunity calls.


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