5 Ways to Troubleshoot Property Inspection Apps

property management softwareProperty inspection apps are sophisticated tools used by inspectors to help communicate the results of a home inspection. These instruments enable professionals in the field to be more technology savvy and save time on creating a formal report.  In addition, clients receive more details with the additional features in the device. As with most gadgets, however, property inspection mobile apps sometimes need adjustments or repairs. Understanding the troubleshooting process is essential to your success as a professional in this evolving field.

Is your data stored in more than one place?

Things go wrong. It’s a natural part of life. Fortunately, there’s hope if your mobile app starts giving you problems. The first step to remember before putting your device to use is making sure you’ve saved copies in more than one location. Having the option to utilize a spare system as your primary app gets repaired will save you a lot of headaches and essentially, your list of clients. Plus, if the original device isn’t able to recover information, you can rest assured knowing that sensitive data wasn’t lost. It’s ultimately a win-win situation.

Utilize the handbook

Not paying attention to details can be detrimental to your progress, particularly if you haven’t looked at your software’s instructional handbook. This information provides direction and helps simplify areas of your job that don’t need to be complicated. Make sure you’ve read every step in the guide that came with your property inspection app. Otherwise, you could end up literally paying for mishaps that could’ve easily been avoided.

Consult with customer service

It’s comforting to know that there’s patient, capable, and polite customer service representatives on hand that can help you navigate through some of the difficulties you’re having with your property inspection app. There’s typically several ways you can get in touch with someone, even if it’s during after-hours. Most companies have live chat features or instruct clients to email them, especially if there’s a long hold time on the phone. In any case, expect to be treated with respect while you work with a representative to resolve the matter.

Take your app to a technician

Sometimes the advice of a customer service team isn’t enough. It may sound costly, but a specialized expert who’s trained to diagnose and fix mobile apps might be the key to solving the puzzle. Research your local options and study their backgrounds before you make a decision. You want to ensure that you’re instilling trust in a professional who has a high level of expertise in repairing mobile apps and getting to the root of the problem.

Consider getting an upgrade

If there’s no clear diagnosis or the issue with your property inspection app can’t be repaired, the last resort is to consider getting an upgrade. Sometimes the later versions of a device don’t work as fast and aren’t as effective as the most recent systems. Don’t end up frustrated and make your clients suffer unnecessarily for failure to download a new style that will be improve your workflow.


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