6 Things a Proper Property Inspection App Should Do Well

Architect Using Cell Phone With Blueprint At SiteProperty inspection is probably one of the things people buying houses are happy to spend money on because it ends up saving them time and effort. According to the National Association of Realtors website, 97% of home buyers feel that a property inspection was good value for their money. Buying a house is probable the biggest purchase that anyone will ever make in their lifetime. Consequently, property inspectors are in high demand. But there is a problem; property inspection takes up a lot of time and effort. The good news for these real estate professionals is that we now have property inspection apps that not only make the collection of data quick but also allow easy sending of the report to the client.

However, all property inspection apps are not equal; some apps are way better than others. What exactly makes a property inspection app superior to the other apps?

Support for wide multimedia content

Unlike in the past, the average human being today is overwhelmed with information wherever he or she turns. It is therefore very undesirable for a property inspector to send his or her client a lengthy report in text. People want to have pictures and videos that they can watch on their phones or tablets as they do other things. They simply don’t want to expend energy reading through a document.

Consequently, the property inspection app that an inspector chooses should allow him or her to capture this multimedia content. The app should allow for high quality pictures and videos because the client will want a lot of these.

Allow ease of use

If an app is too complicated, it will probably take the inspector a long time to figure it out. This goes against the very reason for suing an app-saving time.  Complicated apps are a mark of poor product development and are likely to cause confusion rather than make work easy.

Integrates with your other apps

A proper property inspection app should interact with other apps in your device easily. In fact, you should not even have to set anything up for some apps; the property inspection app should, for example, seamlessly integrate with apps like you camera app other apps like your calendar should be easy to integrate to allow easy time management.

Handle bulk

A good app should be able to handle more than one property inspection. This means that if a property inspector schedules a day for inspections in a certain neighborhood, he or she can collect data from many properties and then make reports without having to go back and forth between his or her office and the property.

Report templates for quick and easy reports

The property inspection app of choice should have templates which can be easily filled in to make a quick report. Property inspection focuses on pretty much the same things making it easy for templates to be used.

There are other factors which can influence the app of choice especially because every property manager has his or her way of writing reports. Whatever the app, the aim is to make the whole process easy and fast.

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