How to Pick a Fitting Property Inspection App

shutterstock_142936138Picking a suitable property inspection app is probably the biggest decision that you will have to make in regards to the management of a property. Unlike in the past where apps were the preserve of a select few with the finances to commission developers to make an app for them, the app market today is awash with a wide variety of property management related apps. The sheer number of apps makes it quite tasking for a property manager to pick an app. Often managers are forced to download multiple apps and run the concurrently because they are simply unable to settle on a single choice. Add that that to the fact that no two apps do exactly the same thing, and that there are apps for Android, Windows and IOS then you have a difficult situation. Apps are supposed to make work easier, and not be the work. How do you go about picking a suitable app?

Define your purpose for the app

When you know exactly what you need an app to do, you are half way done with the picking. Many people just want to log into the app market and type in ‘property inspection’ and download. Like everything else worth having in life, a property inspection app must be searched for in a deliberate and well thought out way. We have found that the best way to define your need for the app is by looking at what area of property inspection is costing you a lot of time and money. When you have that information, go out and look for an app that solves that for you.

Don’t be afraid to commission an app

When you have defined your purpose, the next step is to browse through the app markets for anything that can help meet it. Now, you might find that the existing apps meet part of your needs and leave others out. If you are not fully satisfied, do not be afraid to commission a property inspection app. Today, there are start ups strewn all over the world that can do an app for you at a very low price. If you have your problem defined well, there are app developers who will do your app in less than a fortnight for less than 1000 dollars. Remember, having your own app developed is the easiest way to find a perfect fit for your inspection issues. It also allows you to have an app that works on Android, Windows and IOS.

Choose your devices carefully

An app should not force you to go out and buy a new smart device. Apps are supposed to fit into your lifestyle, working with existing devices to make your work-in our case property inspection-easy. The reality is that there is an abundance of Android and IOS apps. Windows is relatively new, making it quite a challenge to find a proper app for Windows smart devices. As a property inspection person, it would be more efficient to have a device that runs on IOS or Android.

The version of your device matters too. For Android, anything below Android 4.0 is likely to run into trouble running a comprehensive property inspection app. The older versions of the IOS are likely to run into trouble too.

There are many other considerations that will affect the choice of app but when you have the above in mind, the process is not as tasking as when you don’t have an idea of where to start. Remember, if you run into any problems, we are here to help you in whatever way we can.

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