Choosing Between a Property Inspection App and Specific Software

shutterstock_145855982Property inspectors are confronted with the choice between getting an app, software or both. The complexity results from the desire to avoid duplicating work since that is not only expensive but also inefficient. Below we look at considerations that can help choose between property inspection software and a property inspection app.


The money that is allocated to making the inspection process easier impacts on the choice heavily. Normally, apps are cheaper to get than software. This is primarily because apps are easy to develop, compared to writing software. Today, you favorite app is likely to have been developed by a programming whiz kid hunched over a laptop in some non-descript country. Software, on the other hand, is best written by teams of developers in relatively big software development companies. The cost of making an app is therefore generally lower than that associated with creating software.

There are apps are also available for free. This is because there are many ways to monetize apps and the developer does not have to get his or her money from selling the app. A free property inspection app can, for example, fetch its developer revenue by selling adverts to home depot stores. Software can only monetize by selling. That means you will have to pay in cash to get property inspection software.

Nature of work

Managing a few properties is not as tasking as managing a sleuth of real estate. Large property inspection companies are better off with software since they need to have a localized database of the properties they inspect. An individual renting out his apartment on the other hand will only require a simple app and he or she is good to go.

Large inspection companies are also inclined towards software especially if they manage property occupied by government and high net worth individuals. This is because they need to assure their clients that their property database is private and secure. Apps store data in a cloud, and cloud storage cannot guarantee the same level of security and privacy that localized data base can.

Interactive level desired

If you need your tenants to keep you regularly informed on what needs to be repaired or replaced, an app is the way to go. This is because apps can be installed on devices that your tenants use daily. Having an app that allows the tenant to notify the landlord of repairs and replacements is convenient for them.

On the other hand, software is limited in its ability to be interactive. This is because it is limited to the computer. It is simply untenable to have software installed in your tenant’s computers.

These are but a few of the things which can help a property inspector make the choice. In some instances, the inspector will find that is it in his or her best interest to use both software and apps. There are apps which seamlessly connect to software, making property inspection way easier.


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