7 Things Every Property Manager Needs in Their Car

Every property manager needs

As a property manager, your car is somewhat an extension of your office. You drive to and from job sites, from inspections to client meetings and most likely to your son’s soccer game on Saturdays.

Given the nature of being a property manager you often are thrown into situations  last minute. That is why it’s more important than ever to be prepared for anything the working day can throw at you.

Keep reading below to find out the 7 things we think every property manager needs in their car.

Laser Distance Meter

Put down the tape measure and pick up one of these laser distance meters. These readers adopt laser and infrared technology to calculate distance, volume, area, and single length measurements. If you are a property manager that does a lot of inspecting and measuring this is a huge game changer.

Every property manager needs

Grab an Umbrella

Every property manager needs to keep an umbrella for those days when you’re on the go and get caught in a sudden downpour. Not only will you keep dry and stay looking presentable, but you can also come to the assistance of potential tenants.

Basic Tool Kit

Over time your DIY skills will improve. Being a property manager means knowing when it’s time to grab the hammer or the phone. For basic DIY and maintenance on your properties having a toolbox in crucial. From changing a lightbulb to regluing bathroom tiles, pulling off simple DIY tasks will win the hearts of your tenants, giving them another reason to renew the lease.

Cleaning products

Picture this: It’s ten minutes before some prospective tenants are due to arrive. You look out to your property and see that your kitchen windows are all smudged from the kids your last viewing prospects had with them. Having cleaning products on you at all times means you can quickly spruce up areas that need it as you see them. You don’t need much; rubber gloves, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, rubbish bags, etc.

Every property manager needs

USB Car Charger

This is for your smartphone and tablet. When you’re a property manager your phone is one of the most useful tools you have. If it dies how else will you call clients, send emails, conduct inspections, and take photos of your listings?

Spare outfit

Ever spilled coffee on yourself in the morning only to spend the rest of your day worrying about that 4 pm meeting you have with potential tenants? This may seem like a cautious step to take but adding an extra outfit into the boot of your car could save you from being the laughing stock of your meeting room.

Comfortable shoes

Carrying out inspections all day takes a massive toll on your body. Cushion the impact inspecting has on your body by carrying a pair of comfy shoes in your car. Because if we’re honest, After a full day of inspecting in dress shoes or heels you feel like you’re walking on nails. Every property manager needs a spare set of comfy shoes.

Every property manager needs

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