A Property Inspector’s Dream Client

property inspectorEver had an unruly client that really tested your patience? If you’ve been in property inspection for some time, chances are you’ve come across this unfortunate experience. It’s one of the few disadvantages of being in the industry but unfortunately, dealing with all kinds of personalities comes with the territory.

Those in need of assessments rarely think about an inspector’s concerns. Professionals in this field desire ideal customers the same as prospect clients want exemplary evaluators. It’s naturally a win-win if both parties are agreeable with good dispositions. Take a look at what it takes to remain off any inspector’s list of walking nightmares.

A Good Listener

It’s important for property inspectors to feel listened to when they give details on home assessments. Offering feedback is a two-way street, as the speaker does his or her part by providing information while the absorber fulfill his or her end of the bargain by taking everything in quietly and respectfully. There’s not much progress being made if a customer is too chatty and never allows an inspector to get a word in. Furthermore, it doesn’t accomplish much since they’ll miss out on potential instructions that could be used for repairs to faulty components.

An Excellent Communicator

It’s an obvious fact that inspectors have to be personable and capable of interacting with their clients on a regular basis if they want to last a long time in the industry. What’s not quite so evident is the need for customers to be good at engaging in conversation as well. In addition to listening well, there’s a benefit to speaking well, especially when it comes to a considerable investment like a home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and add your input when you think it will be helpful. Property inspectors like to see that you have an opinion and hold an interest in what they’re doing.

Objective Attitude

Being assertive and being aggressive are two different things. No one likes to deal with overly defensive people. Property inspectors prefer customers to keep an open mind about any issues they report back to them. Even if you don’t wholeheartedly agree, it’s a good idea to be tactful and separate emotion from logic when absorbing information about the property that’s being surveyed.

Keep in mind that the newest advancements in this field, such as property inspection apps, are designed to avoid relaying inaccurate results. Therefore, there’s no reason to unnecessarily doubt the documentation provided. An unbiased state of mind makes it easier for all parties involved and ensures that the process is completed in a timely manner.

Promptness is Key

Lastly, it’s great to be on time. Inspectors find it difficult to stick to their busy schedules when clients are outlandishly late. Plus, it’s simply rude. There’s always circumstances that can hinder a person’s will, but at least be courteous enough to re-schedule or give a heads-up about your tardiness. This shows inspectors that you honor their time and eliminates any strain on a business relationship.

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