Beat the Joneses With Property Inspection Software

Architect Using Cell Phone With Blueprint At SiteProperty management isn’t just about keeping up with the Joneses; it’s about beating them. describes the rise in residential rental properties as the “Rental Rush.” With the demand for rental properties on the rise, so is the competition between property managers. If you want to stay ahead of the Joneses and beat the competition, property inspection software should be your first port of call.

How Can a Property Inspection App Help?

A good property manager needs to be:
– Professional
– Trustworthy
– Efficient

SnapInspect property inspection software focuses on streamlining your productivity and essentially addressing every property manager’s pet peeves by digitalizing the process of property inspection. Not only does the software help you reduce the overall time taken to inspect a property and submit your reports; it helps you achieve all of the above targets.

– All reports are submitted using a professional interface with your company logo helping give a polished and professional look.
– By using the abundant features that help you communicate all of the information your client could ever want or need (including the video inspection feature), you will quickly build up a trusting working relationship between yourself and your clients.
– What’s more efficient than performing the same sterling job you’ve always done in a fraction of the time? With features that help you do everything from checking properties in record time to being able to send your professional report from your mobile device, the SnapInspect property inspection app has “efficient” written all over it.

Know Exactly What You Need

Keeping track of your inspections and properties takes a lot of organization. A cool feature from SnapInspect is the Next Inspection Alert. Although there are templates for property inspections that you can use as a checklist, sometimes individual properties have individual needs. If you make a note to check something out the next time you inspect a property, our property inspection software will send you an alert for your next inspection so you don’t forget. No more lost notes and unnecessary trips because your frazzled mind has forgotten something.

Down With the Kids?

It seems that there’s an app for everything at the moment. But who uses apps? Is it just the younger generation? Not at all. The use of mobile apps is changing the face of businesses all over the world, including real estate.

The property management business is a mobile business. With managers traveling from property to property, what sense does it make to not utilize mobile technology? Answer: It makes no sense at all. Either your competitors are using mobile apps to aid their business, in which case their operation is more streamlined than yours. Alternatively, your competitors might be using the traditional (slow) methods they’ve always used; in which case, by switching to digital property inspection you’ll have an edge over them.

Grow Your Business

The most obvious benefit of using property inspection software is that property managers can actually gain time in their day by cutting out the traveling, writing reports, etc. However, although saving time sounds nice, how you utilize that time will help you beat those pesky joneses.

You can use the time for team training, working on contacting new clients, or even simply inspecting more properties to increase your bottom line. The opportunities that those extra hours every day can bring are almost endless.

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