Benefits of Using a Property Inspection App For Move-Out Inspections

property inspectionMove-out inspections are a necessary part of the process when it comes to successfully managing a property and the property condition. It helps you figure out the repairs needed to restore the property to its original condition. The move-out inspection results are also crucial to determine the amount of the security deposit you will withhold if any. When it comes to a property inspection app, it simplifies the inspection process.

With easy access to move-in and mid-year inspection photos, you can compare the images with the conditions you see during move-out inspections. A property inspection application eliminates the gray area of whether it is new damage or pre-existing damage, as you have direct access to images taken at the beginning at the tenant occupancy. These photos serve as a historical timeline that documents the wear and tear of a property. Additionally, you have detailed notes of each inspection during a resident’s tenancy. All of these factors help to find:

Any structural damage.Take a look at the walls, carpet, windows, doors, and any other structural areas of the property. Based on the original move-in condition, if you see doors off the hinges, damaged walls, or heavily soiled carpet, you can conclude that there is damage versus wear and tear. Reviewing move-in and mid-year inspection photos using a property inspection application can help.

The presence of water damage.During the inspection, identify whether you see new signs of water intrusion i.e. water stains, moisture collection, or mold. Water intrusion can happen in the walls, ceilings, or roof. You’ll know if it’s a new problem because of the documentation stored in the property inspection app. Then it will be up to you to determine the source. Was the water damage caused due to a tenant-related flooding issue or the need for roof and/or ceiling repairs on the part of property management?

Evidence of pests.If the property hasn’t experienced an issue with pests and only one tenant complains of pest problems upon moving out, then you’ll want to identify the source of the problem. Look through your photos, notes, and communication log. Did photos show a problem with gaps or holes around appliances, cabinets or plug outlets? Did you see any evidence of infestation? During the mid-year inspection, did the tenant mention pest problems? All of these answers are stored in your property inspection app. If at the time of move-out you see clutter, a dirty kitchen, or some other areas that typically attract pests, it will help pinpoint the culprit.


When it is time for a move-out inspection, refrain from trying to remember details from the move-in or mid-year inspection from recollection alone or cryptic handwritten notes. You’ll do yourself and your tenant a disservice due to the potential forinaccuracy. The last thing you want to do is miss recording a necessary repair and factoring that into what security deposit amount returned. Choose a reliable method of documenting and accessing your inspections so you can locate them when you need them.



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