Why is a Mid-Year Digital Property Inspection So Important?

home-inspector-2More than ever before, tenants are staying in rental properties longer and making it their home, especially when it comes to families and tenants with children. Traditionally, when people decided to rent it was a temporary move until they were ready to purchase a home. Now people are seeking rentals for long-term residency. Not only does it impact rental property inventory, but it also affects the property condition itself, making a regular digital property inspection a top priority for property managers.

When tenants stay longer it means more wear and tear on a property. In some cases, it’s difficult for a tenant to distinguish between normal wear and tear, and actual damage. For instance, flattening of the carpet is normalbut burns, soiling, and stains is actual damage. This is where a digital property inspection at the beginning of tenancy as well as in the middle of the lease term can help. By using property inspection tools it can help property managers explain the difference between average or fair conditions versus significant damage to the property.

It is vital that property managers conduct regularly scheduled inventories and walk-through of their property so that all damage is accounted for an in a timely manner. It will flag issues that can arise later and guard against unwanted disputes with tenants. Having an inspection during times outside of the standard move-in and move-out procedures also gives ample opportunity for property managers to compile snapshot reports and detailed reports for tenants. To inform tenants and as proof that they are aware of the identified damages, they’ll sign the mid-year report.

Here are two types of mid-year inspections you can conduct:

Regular safety inspections.Conduct these property inspections every 3 to 6 months to ensure that the dwelling is clean and safe for tenants. You want to look for water damage, doors off the hinges, wall damage, and carpet conditions. During a digital property inspection, you can document everything and support it with pictures as well as an electronic signature from the tenant. You can then email a copy to the tenant immediately, without a lapse in time.


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