Beyond The Property Inspection Report: 4 Things That Should Be Taken Care Of

bigstock-Real-Estate-Home-Inspection-Re-20778977Property inspection would be an exercise in futility if the end result was anything other than a detailed report. For a property owner or manager, the inspection report justifies all the money, time, and effort that went towards hiring a proper property inspector. When the report has been done and delivered, here are 4 things that should happen.

Verification of the details

The first thing that must happen is verification of the fine details to make sure that the report that is delivered is one which was derived the specific inspection ordered by the client. While we are aware that many property inspectors are `, we don’t hide our heads in the sand and ignore the unscrupulous inspectors. These unscrupulous inspectors go to a site and make it look like they have conducted an inspection before generating a generic report, which is then delivered to the client. To avoid being swindled, whoever ordered the report should read through it,

Seeking a second opinion

By seeking a second opinion, we are not recommending that a property manager or owner go and spend more money on a second inspection; we are saying that it is important to have another inspector or realtor give his or her general opinion on the report. If these professionals find the report satisfactory, the owner or manager can go ahead and enter the third stage.

Implementation of the recommendations

It goes without saying that a good report must have clear recommendations. If it doesn’t, then there was no point in having a property inspection. The recommendations should be something that an owner or manager can take to the professionals qualified to, for example, repair the plumbing without having to make any adjustments. Sometimes, the owner of a property will find that he or she prefers to have the report sent directly to the professional for quick implementation of the recommendations. This is especially in the cases where the inspection that was done was for a specific aspect like structural integrity.

Storage of the report

Here are two ways to digitally save a report so that it can be accessed easily at a later date. The first method is by saving directly to the cloud. This means that the report is sent directly to the cloud. Saving a report in the cloud is beneficial in that it allows that information to be accessible regardless where a person is located. Cloud storage is also beneficial to the owner or manager since it saves him or her the cost in time, effort and sheer expertise to create a report filling system. The disadvantage is that cloud storage is relatively new and can therefore be hard to accept for some owners and managers.

The second way is to file that report in the office. This takes time and money since a property manager has to figure how to keep the report readily available. The main drawback of this method is security since it is easier to hack one private server than it is to hack a cloud.

These are 4 crucial things that should be given attention when a report is received.

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