How to Get The Best Out of Your Property Inspection Software and Apps

shutterstock_142936138Property inspection software and apps have made inspection easy to do. They have also eased report writing and presentation, saving inspectors time and money. Arguably, the biggest benefit they have brought to the property inspection and management field is the convenience of not having to carry around tools like different cameras and writing pads. As a property inspector, you will want to keep these benefits going for a long time. Let’s consider a few things, which you can do to keep your software working well for you, for a long time.

Install a Genuine Copy

The first thing that you must have is genuine software. There are many dubious sites online offering all kinds of software. However, if you really want to have nice software that will work for you for years, go get original software from the developer or authorized distributor. Another important factor to consider here is the developer’s experience and reputation. We recommend that you only source your property inspection apps and software from renowned developers and companies. This might cost you some money but in the long run, it will pay for itself.

Keep Your System Protected

Mal-ware like viruses, Trojans, and worms can destroy your property inspection software or app and render it useless. They might also affect another app that you use with the property inspection app like the camera, making it hard to carry out an inspection effectively. Fortunately, there are protection software and apps available for all operating systems. Make sure to keep your anti-virus updated since new threats keep emerging.

Update The Software or App Regularly

The tech world changes at a frightening rate. If you don’t keep up with the new devices, operating systems, and other cogs in the tech wheel, you will soon be outdated. To keep up, property inspection apps and software developers keep making tweaks and additions to their products. They then upload these to their sites from where users can download and install them onto their devices. If you don’t keep checking for updates, you might miss a useful addition. Take an example where a property inspection app only allowed the inspector to use a still and video camera. The developers then realized that property inspectors need an infrared camera. To solve this, the developer adds an update, which allows the property inspector to get infrared photographs through his or her device. Now, if an inspector fails to download such an update, he or she will keep toting an infrared camera to work unnecessarily.

Install Complimentary Software and Apps

Complementary software and apps here refers to the things that the property inspection software works with. These include anything from a special camera app, like the panorama camera, to note taking apps, which are compatible with the property inspection app. When you have these complimentary apps, your inspection exercise becomes easy, effective, and fun.

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