Common Mistakes Property Managers Make When Manually Conducting Property Inspections

Too many papersProperty inspection is a tedious and meticulous task, but some property managers over complicate matters only to make things more difficult for themselves. While some property managers still choose to follow the outdated manual processes of inspecting property, many have discovered the much more effective and practical method of property inspection. This is through using property inspection software.

Let’s take a look at what property managers do wrong when they manually inspect property.

Problem #1: Organization, Where Art Thou?

To start with, inspectors begin their day by organizing a list of properties that they will inspect. While it is good practice to stay organized, doing it manually on paper leaves much to chance. Certain properties may be missed out, or some appointments may be added or removed as the day progresses. Keeping track of this on paper may lead to mistakes, which eventually leads to a waste of time. A property inspection app does all of the work for you once you enter the properties. Once entered, you can simply add or remove properties with a few taps. The inspection list is always generated automatically with such software.

Problem #2: Manual, How Slow Thou Art!

Once inspectors manually create a list, they embark on another difficult journey. Not the actual journey to the property, but the journey to locate each property on a map before they can actually get there. This is another painstakingly slow process that takes away a lot of important time inspectors could be using for what they’re supposed to be doing: inspecting property! With property inspection software, you’re already a few steps ahead. Once you enter the properties, it will locate them via GPS and help you get there with no error. As a result, you save all of that time trying to manually locate each property on your list.

Problem #3: Hands, Too Full Art Thou!

After the orthodox property inspectors reach their property, they begin inspecting properties using notes, printed checklists, and a digital camera. This only creates more of a chance of losing important documents or notes because there are so many different things to juggle at once. They have to take notes on a separate sheet, and then they have to tick off a checklist on a different sheet of paper, all the while trying to take photos with a camera. A property inspection app brings all of these tasks to one place so that you can take notes, tick your checklist, and take pictures all on your smartphone or tablet.

Solution? Easier Than You Think…

Once the old-school property inspector is done spending hours at the property, he or she heads back to the office to organize the notes and inspection sheets. They also begin to manually upload all of their photos to their computer. The notes are slowly typed into a word processor, word by word, which may take up to a few hours, if not more. The report then has to be formatted to look professional, because the last thing any property inspector wants is for the report to look like it was made by an amateur. Then, finally, the report has to be e-mailed to the property owners.

Most of these steps are bypassed if you have property inspection software, because the notes, inspection sheets, and photos are all in one place. All you need to do is tap a few times and voila! You have customized and professional reports at hand to impress clients. On top of that, the application can even e-mail reports to the respective property owner.

If you feel that you’ve been dredging through your job as a property inspector for too long, it is time to consider purchasing a property inspection app that will make your job more exciting and much easier.

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