Create an Effective Maintenance Team With Management Inspection Software

Data Storage Concept IllustrationKeeping a clean, well-maintained rental property is essential to keeping residents happy and attracting new tenants. To get the job done, you must have a great maintenance team in place to get the work done in a timely manner, while providing quality work. Management inspection software is a key part in managing some of your property’s maintenance needs. Here’s how it works.

After the completion of a move-out inspection, there will be a list of items to repair. There’s often damage that requires further inspection. Digital property inspection tools keep a running tab of maintenance issues requiring attention, and a property manager can develop a repair priority list based on it. Using this system, managers can quickly and effectively delegate repair jobs for the maintenance staff to complete as identified by move-out inspection documents.  Necessary repairs should never linger because this can create more extensive problems and dissatisfied residents.

While you’ll have maintenance requests from active tenants, the management inspection software can at best, help you comb through the move-out maintenance to-do list. Bottom line: it helps to reduce costs and resolve matters efficiently. You’ll also avoid missing out on another prospective tenant because of the lack of a well-maintained property. By using the digital property inspection to your advantage, you can restore your property to its original condition and rent it out all over again in a faster timeframe.

Additional Benefits of Management Inspection Software and Technology

Running an effective maintenance team leads to a higher payout when renting your property. Here are some added benefits to maximizing inspection software:

Generates revenue. The faster you can repair a property, the faster you can rent it out again. Developing a system in which your maintenance team regularly checks the move-out inspection repair jobs, and then immediately completes maintenance jobs, will make your maintenance process a well-oiled machine. Current residents and potential tenants will notice.

Build reports and lists. You can easily create a report or list that details the necessary rental property or unit repairs. Additionally, a person can immediately email the report or list of move-out repairs to the maintenance staff. The turn-around time for repairs, after a tenant vacates the property, is reduced tremendously by using management inspection software.

Problems are easily identifiable. Take confusion out of the equation when it comes to explaining a maintenance job to your team member. If there is a question about the assigned repair, pull up a photo of the damage or repair. It will help the maintenance staff understand what exactly needs repair. This is a prime benefit as it gives a visual representation of the maintenance job or request so you can see the actual damage via photos.

Digital property inspections are more than just move-in and move-out inspections tools. It can maximize the efficiency of your maintenance team and keep your property as an attractive option for future residents to enjoy.


You can learn more about how digital property inspections work here.






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