Do the Math: Save Money Using a Property Inspection App

property inspectionAre you considering property inspection software, but unsure whether it will help your business save money? Well, the good news is, there are some simple factors to consider, which can help you figure it out. By taking a look at a few details concerning your company and operations, you can get an accurate look at what kind of return to expect on the investment of a property inspection application.

Number of Properties You Manage

The size of your company can make a big difference when deciding to purchase property management software. Of course, the bigger your company is, the more money you will probably be saving yourself, but small companies can benefit too. The number of properties you inspect is an important factor that will help with your calculations. It can determine the number of inspectors you need to pay, and the amount of time it takes to conduct inspections. It can also determine how many days it takes to complete inspections for every property.

Number of Times Per Year You Inspect Each Property

The more inspections a year you do on each property, the more time you invest in your work. This can help you determine how much money and time you spend per year writing reports and paying your inspectors. Depending on what kind of standards you need to meet, or what the age of the properties you manage, you may need to inspect each home several times a year. This can significantly affect your profits. There are many different rules and opinions on this matter, and you can take a look at what some people have to say about it here. With this information, you can find out what an inspection app could save you, because it streamlines the inspection process.

Time It Take to Write a Report

Depending on what information you include, what software you use to write a report, and how many reports you need to produce, this process can potentially take up a lot of your time. Even shorter reports still use up your important time, and can retract from other tasks that need doing. An effective inspection app can cut this process down considerably by quickly generating a professional quality report from the information you put in, saving you time and money.

What You Pay Inspectors Hourly

You hire quality employees to do an important job for you, and you pay them fairly for the services they provide. The hourly rate at which you pay them is a necessary expense, but it can really cut into your company profits if inspections take a long time, or if you need to employ a large staff to cover all of your properties. An app can help your employees get more work done in less time, and increase productivity for the company as a whole.

Use a Calculator to Get Your Answer

One of the easiest ways to get a fast answer about what kind of return you can get by investing in an inspection app is to use a calculator made specifically for that purpose, like the one here. With all of the information you compiled by following the guide above, you can fill in the blanks and get an answer within seconds! Give it a try, and see the amount of time and money a property inspection app can save for you.

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