Try Property Inspection Apps Before You Buy

Architect Using Cell Phone With Blueprint At SiteOne great way to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product, no matter what kind of shopping you are doing, is to sample it first. When you buy pants, you probably want to try them on before you take them to the counter to pay. When you buy a vehicle, you are most likely going to get in and drive it around a bit before you hand over your money. And when you buy a property inspection app for your property management company, don’t you want to test the features offered and see if they provide what you need? If you answered no, you should probably give it some thought and reconsider, because the correct answer is a resounding YES! Many property managers and real estate companies are adopting this property inspection technology to boost efficiency and bring company operations into the modern age, as illustrated in this news article, and you should too. Test-driving your property inspection app is the perfect way to find out if it is the best one for your business.

Experience App Features Firsthand

If you are in the position of purchasing a property inspection app for your company, you probably have plenty of experience with performing property inspections. This means you know exactly what you and your team need to get your job done efficiently. It might help for you to write down a list of the features you need in an inspection app, and bring it with you when you try out the prospective product.  Maybe you can even get some input from your team, to see what they think as well. Some features to consider:

  • Import property information
  • Works with current software in use
  • Schedule inspections
  • Make property notes
  • Dictation
  • Set up services offered

There are many options to consider, so it’s good to figure it out before you choose a product to try. When you take your property inspection app for a test run, put it through all the paces. Try to test every feature offered, and simulate situations your company goes through, in which this app might be useful. Then you can have a good firsthand look at what the app can do.

Find a Lengthy Trial

Sure, you can probably find out a lot about a property inspection app in a single day, but certainly not everything, and having only one day might make you feel rushed into a decision. A better idea is to find a lengthier option, like the 14 day trial offered at SnapInspect. This gives you two whole weeks to get used to the program and learn what it can do. It also gives you pressure free time to use it in daily company operations.  With this time you can make a list of each feature, and how it can be used to streamline your property inspection process. You can also use this time to ask questions about the product as you use it, and form an educated review of the application as a whole.

Most quality property inspection apps offer a free trial period so you can see how the program will work for you. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this opportunity to test-drive an app. Then you will know exactly what it is that you are paying for.

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