Exploring the Dark Side of Property Inspection

Home Inspection.Being in property inspection definitely has its wealth of benefits. The opportunity to interact a diverse array of individuals, independent work schedules, and the power to dictate your own level of income are just a few of this career path’s advantages. With the amount of the good things that await you on your journey, it’s difficult to not be motivated in your field.

However, as with any profession, there’s also drawbacks in this industry. You probably already know about the obvious challenges, but it’s essential to consider what else is lurking behind the curtain of a highly satisfactory occupation. Understanding the full spectrum of this sector’s downside can help influence your preparation, in terms of being a formidable and distinctive leading force among competitors. Take into account these potential hindrances.

Building Your Clientele

You’ve only won half the battle after obtaining your official license in property inspection. Unfortunately, the piece of paper that confirms your title won’t find you work. It’s up to you to put in considerable effort when it comes to reaching out to mortgage brokers, builders, real estate agents and others that might be able to provide leads. Your best bet is to remain determined, exercise patience, and don’t be afraid of rejection.

Being Labelled a Deal Breaker

You’ll find that maintaining good business relationships with realtors isn’t always the easiest task. Many agents heavily promote houses on the market in hopes of getting potential buyers to commit to investing in their property. Intelligent prospects initially hire a skilled inspector to evaluate the home before they make any decisions. If the inspector reports less-than-perfect details about the condition of the house they’ve checked, some real estate agents become embittered and charge them with being ‘deal breakers’ for running away potential buyers who changed their mind upon hearing about the defects.

Enduring a Seller’s Wrath

It’s also essential to keep in mind that you might come across some angry sellers in your day. This happens when some of them claim to have fixed everything that needed to be repaired on a house and then you still detect issues that you’re obliged to report to prospective buyers. Sellers’ fury over this matter may be difficult, if not impossible, to appease but it’s your job to remain objective and be truthful.

Becoming the Bearer of Bad News to Potential Buyers

That said, you may also feel responsible for hurting the feeling of some potential buyers who’ve already started putting away the down payment for a home they’ve fallen in love with. Sometimes you’ll have to accept the fact that you’re deflating someone else’s dream as you look into the disappointed eyes of several of your clients.

Competing with Unqualified Inspectors

One of the most disheartening things about being a top notch professional in property inspection is competing with poorly trained and unlicensed inspectors. Some people don’t know the difference between a grade A property inspector who provides accurate reports and incompetent individuals who are out to defraud consumers. The sad reality is that these characters do exist, so it’s a good idea to always remain ahead in your field by staying current on the latest tools and aggressively promoting your business.

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